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We are all putting on a mask so people can see what we want them to see

Everyone is wearing a mask. No, not because of the pandemic season, in which if you haven't wear one, you're an asshole and you should rot in hell for putting hundreds of lives at risk. I'm talking a deeper level of the mask. The mask that you put on every day to work when you woke up in the morning and try to become that person who you want people think you are to fit into society. A mask that portrays your personality. A personality you want people to see, but not your true ones. So many people put on the mask on their real selves just because they are afraid of portraying their true selves onto the public, fearing people's judgments and become the outcast. what they fear, unfortunately, is true. we cannot be true to ourselves because there are certain standards within society that we must follow, to 'fit'. Girls must wear proper clothing that covers them. Guys must be responsible for every single thing, even to those which are not theirs. Child

Bought my first Macbook Pro y'all

sup' turds. I finally feel like blogging again after changing my blog theme to something less pretentious. it feels simpler and Susan friendly now haha. ☺️☺️ also wanted to update on this old-ass blog that finally after years using other people's laptop and everything, I finally own my own laptop and that is a Macbook pro 13" 2018 version with motherfuckin touch bar. whaaattttt? right. it's a MacBook from my boss, she previously lends me to use it for my work but the last time I heard it was open for sale so I immediately; with no hesitation whatsoever; bought it down with my savings. She was cool with an installment as well. so everything's cool yo here's a little piece of photos with emojis in it (as I blog this post, there are lists of emoji displaying on the touch bar. I CRY ISSHO CUTE): an additional picture to add into this post because it happens to appear on my google photos : a picture of me, my boyfriend and 3 of my best friends during our

It's Me.

You can't ask me to not try to be friendly with new people to make them comfortable. You can't ask me to not be loud around people I'm comfortable with. You can't ask me to keep my mouth shut from whatever I had in mind. You can't ask me to behave. You can't ask me to not be too kind. You can't ask me to be not be stingy. You can't ask me to not laugh at every single joke that I find funny. You can't ask me to not be friends with certain people, just because you hate them. You can't ask me to not be hot-headed when I feel like I'm getting angry. You can't ask me to not cry whenever I feel sad. You can't ask me to be more considerate when I don't find the reason to. You can't ask me to keep apologizing. You can't ask me to don't care. You can't ask me to not be sensitive. You can't ask me to not sing out loud or keep quiet. You can't ask me to act like how you expect me to be. Because at th

It's Okay

You made mistakes every now and then. Along the way, you might hurt people with the mistakes you made.  Hell, you might ruin a relationship because of your mistake. You might create fatal results. You might make people angry.  You might make people cry. But there's one thing that you need to know. Mistake is what makes us human. Mistake is what makes us learn.  Mistake is what makes us appreciate more with what we have now. Mistake is meant to be made. And it is made to be learnt. Mistake is what made us who we are today. Don't be so hard on yourself.  Don't be mad at yourself, because you made a mistake. It's normal, and for what its worth, it's meant to be. You made the mistake. You didn't know. But now, you know. It's alright. It's okay.  Don't cry.

My Fear of Flying on an Airplane

This is a story about my fear of flying on an airplane.

The Art of Small Talks

“how are you” “the weather is so nice today” “you look great today!”

First Few Poetries

Hi people! Haven't stop by my blog for quite some time now.. I'm glad I still create some posts over last 2018. I feel accomplished. But anyway I have made myself a commitment whereby I have to create 12 posts in this year; meaning 1 month, 1 post. Hopefully I will be able to make it. Fingers crossed!

Here Are A Few Productive Apps You Should Try

credit : Pinterest We can't deny technology is the key to future today. Everyone is holding a mini computer inside their pocket everywhere, 24 hours a day. That's why it's very important to have your smartphone not only provides entertainment, but also can make you become more productive. Here's a few apps recommendation that will take you there. 1. Quora This app comes to my mind immediately when we're talking about productivity. Not that it will help you to be more productive in an executional way, but it helps you gather a lot of useful informations and knowledges based by various sources and categories of choices that will help you get through there faster to whatever projects you're having. It's in a form of social media, yes, that's why it can also be a spare time killer when you're waiting for a bus or running an errand. Instead of browsing pictures on Instagram looking at people showing off their artificial lives, it's bette

I Got Converted... Into An ARMY

Well, not exactly military army... Another kind of army.

Pros and Cons of Living in Jakarta (according to Susan)

Ah.... The capital city of Indonesia, DKI Jakarta. Located in northwest coast of Java island, Jakarta is considered the top metropolitan city of Indonesia, where hopes and dreams were made, or so they said.

One Of The Barriers

It's always a pain in the ass when I wanted to pour out my thoughts but never really know where to do it. Therefore I keep coming back to the one and only platform that I know nobody is going to read but yet still in public; my blog. The everlasting blog that has been nothing but very considerate and understanding 'friend'. So, here goes nothing. I have always considered myself as a not so social type of person, despite me everyday doing social activities with my friends. For those who know me well, they know I have a moment where I just want to be alone and not to be bothered by the needs of talking or socializing. I admit part of me has always been introvert and I like that moment, but another part of me is tired of socializing cause I think I have a problem with my communication skills. As in, I have a problem with speaking and I don't want to humiliate myself by not speaking properly. Yes, I think I suck at speaking. I always do. I stutter, I have a hard time con

Pengalaman Gue Perpanjang Paspor Luar Kota di Jakarta via Online

(source : weheartit) Ngurusin surat itu ga pernah menjadi hal yang menyenangkan buat orang. Buat gue, perpanjang paspor rasanya udah kayak mission impossible banget. Ini ceritanya. Semoga membantu.

My Cellphone History

You'll be amazed by just how many phones I have used within my 23 years of age.

I feel like a douche

....and here's why.

I love you the way you are IS A LIE!

No, i am not hurt right now nor in a fight with my boyfriend whatsoever. It's just my thoughts about this particular line, and from my experience, it always ends in a not-so-pleasant situation. Let me tell you why.

Ways of my appreciation to God

Dear God, i wanna spare some time of mine, for saying thank you to You.


I can hear my heart shatters into pieces when you said you're going. No, you're not going away from my life, but you're leaving me.

A little misconception about Introverts

I am an introvert, and i can't be more comfortable being that way :) But sometimes people (especially extroverts) are misunderstood by our behaviour and make a negative conclusion of how we act a certain way.

What clubbing feels like to me

In my 21 years of life I had never stepped my foot into a club. In my 22th, I lost my clubginity . And here's what i think about clubbing in overalls.

3 things to understand before getting into a relationship, again

Years and years of your life, you've been on and off countless relationships. Some left you a memorable and beautiful memories, while some are just plain hurtful and you wished you'd just forget it and move on.