My Cellphone History

You'll be amazed by just how many phones I have used within my 23 years of age.

*little bit of self guilt rant about why i never blog anymore*
*find -RED BOLD LINE- to skip*

My last post is January, which means almost a year ago. And that wasn't something I put my heart into either. It's just some random thoughts about my viewing point of love, and how I have been dealing with it my way. Nothing particular, nothing special, not even worth reading. But whatever.

Occasionally i would still visit my own blog and go like "maybe i should write something soon, so many thoughts in my head that i can put out" but yet nothing has been put out because it's just so hard to put something in your mind as a written statement because there will be so many sentences and words that have to be thought thorough and therefore it would not be the same as the thought you had in your head, right?

So therefore, no post.
(or you can say, that's my way of saying "too lazy to think")

And without even knowing, 2016 is ending soon.

I'm freaking out.

I only post like 3-4 posts this year what the fuck!? Whatever happened to fully committed into posting stuff on my blog? Not that people read it but yeah it was something i am committed into. It is a big deal for me because this blog has been with me through the past 6 years, and many many friendships has been made from this blog. Many many knowledge has been acquired, as in HTML and CSS knowledge. Great quality stuff. Therefore it IS a big deal for me.

So in this saturday evening where I should be hanging out with my friends and drink some beers, I thought "hey, I should try writing in my blog again. This time, no thinking too much and just write whatever is in your head."

Then I saw this post in my draft titled "My New Phone OPPO R7s" (which is the phone I used before my current ones) but I didn't put any words into it. Not even a little bit of effort. It was only like "hey I should write a post about my current phone, let me put down the title first and I think about the content later" and i completely forgot about it.


You lazy ass fuck. That was a good topic to post. And now look at you. You don't use that phone anymore. You completely missed a good topic to post you dumb fuck. *and then continues to blame self*


why don't i tell you about my Phone history from the beginning of time till now?

And hence the title. And now you can now proceed to my phone history story(?).


1. Nokia 8210 & 8250 (didn't own, but played a huge part on my life)


The first ever so-called modern cellphones manufactured and produced by NOKIA who is so compact and small you can slip right in your pocket and and when someone calls it gives you this monophonic ringtone everyone back in the day was so excited to listen about. Plus it gives you this cool feature where you can create your custom monophonic ringtones. Look at both of them! So vintage oh my God. Literally everybody was going crazy about having these two babies. I put two of them together because basically they're just the same. Except for the designs and screen colours lmao (I know I know you probably go like "see? that's the difference you idiot, don't put them together its not the same!!!!!!111" but I don't care.)

I remember having these back when I was still in elementary school; actually come to think of it I think it was more like my mom's phone and I kind of borrowed it just to play snakes and memory (you forgot this game, right?) I don't remember; it was like 13 or 14 years ago, but this is definitely something that appeared in my life before lol so I'm counting it in.

Here's a video of Nokia 8210 for you guys to reminisce about the old days :3

*had fun watching this video*
*in fact, cried a little*
*time flies so fast*

2. Nokia 2100 (or so i thought)

This is the first phone/tech that made me went very emotional. And this is why.

After the Nokia 8210 hype, Nokia was releasing more cellphone types and one of them was this. It was pretty cool; the screen and sound was still the same like Nokia 8210 only the design has changed, It has rubber material all over now, and the cool part is you can put your picture at the back of your phone (as seen above), there's a slot on the Nokia 2100 word. It was super coolio back then. My mom got it first. (She puts her own picture on it and it was like ID picture or something it was very formal and she keeps saying she looks like an actress lmao wtf)

By this point I was so excited that I wanted a phone on my own. It was crazy seeing how my friends all got a phone and I didn't, so I beg and plead my heart out for my mom to buy me this one. She was considering; and I can tell she's a bit dreadful to buy me one, because of my age, and the price also. I still remember she reminded me that this cost $USD290-295 so she confirmed me again if I REALLY needed one. I said I REALLY REALLY do. So she was like "okay" and she went out to buy me one.

Came back with an empty hand saying she changed her mind and that I was still too little and I should wait until I'm older.


I think there's still more Nokia phones involved between the previous 2100 and this one but i really can't remember it so i think i'm skipping it. But i am 90% sure there's none.

So after that disappointing moment of my mom wanting to buy me Nokia 2100 but ended up didn't, evolution came and monophonic became polyphonic, screen is starting to develop colours and there is even VGA cameras involved in the process. Technology is growing unbelievaly rapid and i still don't own a fucking one. I'm starting to my middle school years, and my peer was driving me nuts.

So on my birthday, my mom finally got me one.

It easily goes into one of the most exciting moments of my life, when she finally got home with a box of phone in her bag, ready to give me.

I can't even put my hands off my phone when i got it; it was too gorgeous; the ringtones are like angels singing to my ears and the screen; oh the screen. So clear and colourful and I was so into it I played it non-stop. I  can't even bear to put it down and let it charge for 8 hours (HAHAHA THIS 8 HOURS CHARGING TRADITION THO-- I can't believe people still apply this tradition to their current phone smh guys it's 2016 technology had grown so faaarrrr you guys should have too!!!)

Keep in mind, middle school is the time where I got bullied quite badly at my school; and literally no one wants to talk to me. Not even one. It was one of the most traumatizing steps of my life, and this phone I tell you. It saved me. And I'm not even kidding. I wish I was,

When I brought it to the school people were looking at me like I was the coolest kid on the block. The bully's friend all come swarming down on me asking me to flaunt out my newest phone, flaunting the beautiful polyphonic sounds only my phone could make. It makes me feel so powerful back then. It makes me feel confident again.

Then, one day, after a month, I lost it.

I swear to God after I told my mom and she told me off, I cried my eyes out. I cried all day and I screamed and I thought it was the end of my teenagers life. It was really really heartbreaking. I don't even know how I even lost it. I was riding a bike to the school, I put it in my pocket and when i arrived at school it was gone. It was like a disaster. It probably dropped when I was on my way to school. Ugh and then the whole bullying thing was back again. It was horrible.

4. Nokia 3100 and 3120

Can't seem to remember where I got these two from???? But these two definitely played a huge part in between my later middle school year and my early high school year. People were starting to go into phones like N-Gage Nokia, Nokia 3650 (the rectangle on the top but round on the bottom) kind but I'm still stuck to these. Ppssshh. Whatever, right?

Okay actually it matters but I can't afford my own phone so I had to deal with it. The phone pretty much did the job, phone calls, texting everything works.

But I remember when I was using Nokia 3120 (the right one) the phone went busted, and by busted I mean 70% of the screen broke and I had to depend on my typing and guessing skills to text and it was quite a while so that's something to remember about this phone lmao. I took pride of my typing and guessing skills back then because my texting still went like normal lmao. Till the point where the phone is completely broken. After that I went phoneless for I forgot how long. It was quite a hustle because I was close to a lot of boys back then and I have to lend my mom's phone to text???? (there was even one time where my mom read a text sent by me saying my boyfriend is my "hubby" and she went nuts lmao)

5. Nokia 5130 Aqua

Another one of my memorable phone becauseeeeeeeee

This is the first phone that i bought myself!

I saved my angpao money for 2 years, didn't spend a cent on it and then it fucking happened; I asked my friends to accompany me to this phone counter to finally buy a phone of my own.

It was quite nerve-wrecking because there were so many phones to choose from, some were over-budget some were below the budget but finally decided to go with this one because it was one of the well known Nokia Xpressmusic series and there's a few choices of colors to choose from; black & red (which is the signature color of Xpressmusic), black & blue (the colour after you got punched for being a loser), grey & black, and white & aqua. You can see from the picture above that's the color I chose and I did not regret it at all.


Friend went crazy after seeing it and I was damn proud wearing that phone everywhere πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ (special thanks to my friend Triana & Viol; I was going to choose black & red before and go with the mainstream way but they convinced me to pick this colour and I was not dissapointed lmao)

Here's the phone still alive and kicking! (but phone died because i never charge it anymore BUT TRUST ME IT STILL WORKS PERFECTLY) still existing but the speaker is busted :S

6. Blackberry Pearl 8220


Here comes the day when none of us would have expected it, Nokia got cut through so badly with Blackberry devices, slowly but surely. With their signature Blackberry Messenger or as known as BBM, Blackberry is listed as one of the most successful phone manufactures that captured the heart of Indonesian folks. Using one of those means you're keeping up with the peers, and those who did not have BBM then too bad, you're missing out a lot of stuff we BBM users had.

I was one of the influenced ones. Had to get one of those.

So when I entered the college, I make sure I have one of these Blackberry babies in my hand, so I don't miss out on anything important (or didn't miss out on the trend; I admit; I was; and still the trend slave πŸ˜‘). This phone was my first Blackberry phone, it was compact, it was small, the pad was a ball trackpad not a touch trackpad which is exactly what I wanted (for some reasons I think ball trackpad is way more cooler and fun to use) And it was my first flip phones! I love this phone a lot, especially when I saw the clock screen after I flipped my phone. It was awesome. Flip phones are the best.

I also got this for just $USD85-87!! Crazy cheap right???

Until I started to feel excessive lagginess until I cannot tahan anymore so I changed to

7. Blackberry Gemini 8520

It was a gift and a couple phone from my ex. I got the white one he got the black one. One of the most cheapest and mainstream blackberry phone out there. I think it was only about $USD125-135. Meh. Nothing much special. Was quite laggy also if I remembered corretly. The casing also like very very cheap kind and feels like it can fall off anytime so me and my ex decided to upgrade.

8. Blackberry Gemini 3G

Much much newer and prettier designs, and it supports 3G. So that's something. I kinda love this phone too as the hardware designs are very sleek and modern compared to the previous one. From here I was starting to develop this habit of checking out newest tech and gadgets, and I am so into technology news. GSMArena, Android Authority, Unbox Therapy, MKBHD.

Back in that day I was so obsessed with having a Blackberry Torch (the sliding one) but it costs like $USD470-500 so it was out of the question, since I'm still a student and I don't earn money ppsshhh being a student is lame.

Oh yeah by the way I ended up breaking this into pieces; I throw it far to the ground out of rage because it was laggy and I was angry 😢😢 Should I sign up for anger management class?

9. LG Optimus L9

At the same time as Gemini 3G, ex also bought me and himself an LG Optimus L9 (yeeesss couple phone again, don't know why).

My first ever Android phone, because Android and IOS was starting to go viral at that point. Instagram was created. Path was created. So many more premium applications only Android and IOS owners can use. I think this was where Iphone 4 and 4s starts to go very very popular and Apple gained a lot of profits from the phone. Ex convinced me that this phone works better than IOS because the specs is better. It is! The specs was better much much better. In fact until now, all Android specs are way more ahead than IOS but don't know why heyyyyy IOS still going strong!

10. Oppo Find Way

(model much relax, very smile)

Changed my L9 to Oppo because my friend bought it first and I was amazed by the front 5MP camera and because I feel like I'm pretty and I need to take zillions of selfies so that's why I bought it for around $USD330-350 (back then 5MP was still a big deal yo now it's like complete nothing goshh how time flies so fast)


And here it is, my first ever chinese Android phone, still quite skeptical with the whole just came out brand claiming it was best in selfies. Was not dissapointed though. Beauty effects were amazing, I look chio; that's the only thing that matters lmao

But here's the thing.

I am quite an OCD person-------I swear I almost write LCD there, gosh been 2 hours writing this post now, I swear I'm going to pass out soon, MOST PRODUCTIVE BLOGGING DAY OF 2016 YAY)

Okay, so yeah I'm quite an OCD person so when something is not right, even if it's just a little, whether it's just a little scratch or some imperfections, or basically there's a dissatisfaction on my phone I went crazy. I want to change my phone immediately. This happened to my Oppo Find Way. I know this is a chinese manufactured phone and it was produced in China I shouldn't have put it in hard position like this buttttt then again user experience is something phone manufacturers have to put priorities on and I swear on this phone, and they didn't.

I changed my languange to English.
There's a grammar mistake or wrong vocabularies in the system settings.

It drives me insane. Everytime I open my settings I have to see that.

So, as a person who knows how to use opportunities maximally, I used my upcoming birthday as an excuse for my ex to buy me a new smartphone.


It was horrible. I keep changing phones for these small unimportant reasons. Normal people would go like "the fuck? You changed your phone just because there's a grammatically incorrect words in your settings, despite the phone is still working perfectly fine?"

I know. I'm a bitch. There. I said it. Jesus.

Soooooooooooooooooooooooooo after much begging ex finally bought me a new one and also the last phone I got from him (because we broke up obviously) which is

11. LG G2

Not long after I bought this phone, we pretty much broke up and that's what is left from my ex. Didn't really care though, this phone is a really good device, nothing disappointing, loved it so much,

Knew my current boyfriend while I'm still using this, went through my kawaii themed phase using this, quite a memorable phone, until one day I went to club with my boyfriend and someone fucking stole it.

Was pissed as fuck. But meh good riddance because it's been a while since I change my phone and it was a gift from my ex. So time to move on folks!

And from here, I changed my phone a lot within a year, I mean like, A LOT. LOT.

12. Sony Xperia Tipo

Didn't have enough savings to buy a new phone right away, so have to borrow my mom's phone for awhile. She has two, so she lended me one. This one. Using this phone was horrible, especially if you're a heavy user of social media. Everything is laggy; LINE is laggy, Whatsapp is laggy, even to the point where camera completely crash on me when I'm about to take a picture. Have to deal with this for quite awhile, until I decided to borrow my mom's cash and credit it back to her to buy a new phone.

13. Samsung Note 4

Fuck la... why looks so pretty leh?

Borrowed money from my mom to buy this. Costs me a total of $USD650-700. A very crazy spend for a very gorgeous dream phone. Obsessed with my phone when I had it. I swear I was so obsessed all my friends said I had an autism because of this phone. I had my own world. It was a very special relationship.

Lasts about 3 months only. 
I got robbed.

I swear to God when it comes to expensive gadgets hor... Or phones I treasure the most. It always ended up lost leh. smh

Then have to dreadfully pay the remaining money per month I owe to mom. A phone that was once a beautiful reality became a complete nightmare.

As usual I cried my eyes out to this... Cry myself to sleep and then waking up crying again, I have to take a sick leave because I cannot stop crying and I cannot go to office looking like a swollen crab so yeah.

Then after the crying session I met my office friends at the evening. They brightened my day and cheered me up saying it was a lesson and I should be grateful that I did not get hurt by those robbers. Thanks Kak Mirna, Aju, Citah, Windy 😭😭😭😭 seriously it was very traumatizing because it really happened right in front of my eyes, my phone got snatched away within counts of seconds; I even got bruises on my shoulders; I don't even know how, I only realized it after I was quite calmed down because I was only thinking about the phone. I think I got punched before they really snatch my phone away to distract me and lower my defense. I don't know, I don't remember at all. It was horrible. One of the phones that reminds me of horrible memories.

14. Lenovo S880

Yeah... Another phone that was not mine, but still plays a huge part in my life. This was my sisters' phone, but she didn't use it anymore because she changed to Zenfone Selfie, so she lended to me because yeah... I have to save again to buy a new phone. Laggy, outdated phone (which was why my sister changed to a new one at the first place)

At some point I dropped the phone and I completely cracked the screen.... to pieces. Literally. 

By this time you already knew that I am very terrible at maintaining things for a long period of time. 


WELP, it was an old and used phone anyway, but still it was my sisters', although she doesn't bother that much but I still feel very guilty for lending and breaking her stuff........


Cracked phone in all its glory.....

15. LG Nexus 5

One of my legendary phones because I actually got this from winning the Paziashop auction for $UGD300.

You read that???? Auction leh!!!!

Very proud of myself about this. Heh

This is listed as one of the best smartphones I ever owned. Why leh? Because it's unbelievably updated, and smooth it was published at the late 2013 and I was using it at early 2016. 3 years late of phone leh!!! Still very fast. It can also be updated to latest Android OS back then which is Marshmallow 6.0, knowing the fact that even the latest Samsung phone can't even update to Marshmallow yet. Crazy right?

But old phones are old phones, no matter how you want to update the software, if the hardware is outdated your phone is considered old and you can't keep up. So when I had a chance, I changed.

16. Oppo R7S Rose Gold

Of course have to mention the rose gold colour lah, first rose gold phone I have leh........

Bought this easily from my working mates for only $UGD300 (only few hundreds thousands of rupiah from my prev nexus phone so only spend a little money to buy this), good deal because she was only using it for 5 months, still in perfect condition, still have warranty and new one costs $USD100 more so yeah.

Easily became one of the best phones I ever owned also because it's one of the most latest flagship Oppo phone, specs are great, cameras are awesome. But I got a little greedy......

17. Oppo F1 Plus

Also went with Rose Gold one, but cannot find the image so didn't include the Rose Gold on the title... Later people confused lmao

And thus, here I am with my latest phone, Oppo F1 Plus. Yes, I'm not satisfied enough if I didn't use Oppo latest flagship because there is much more to offer with the latest ones, so got my hands very itchy and went to buy one....


Great phone, pretty much same specs with Oppo R7s only better camera megapixels and got fingerprints feature (this is my main reason why I want this phone so much, unlock screen with fingerprint by only 0.2 sec leh!!!)


And that's the end of my cellphone journey,
for now....

I bet there's going to be plenty more of phone changes here and there. But for now let's just hope I can use my F1 Plus for a long time, okay? I'm fed up with me constantly changing phones already man...

Had used 6-7 different phone within this 2016...
It's crazy.

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  1. wah susan! LONG TIME NO TALK
    this post is amazing srsly
    so long didnt hear the nokia brand phone lmao
    ((((hope you're doing well! :D))))

    1. Hi claro! Umm im confused? WHy is there an antibiotics blog on your account??? Like i want to see your personal blog but i found an antibiotic blog instead/???

  2. HAHAAH shit sorry that's my other blog i use for school purposes!! HAHAHAAHAHAHAHAH i dont have a personal blog anymore bc fucking idiotic me decided to delete it few years back AGAIN fml sorry :(((((((

  3. Whoah! That's a lot of phone hun! }:D Ey! Welcome back to blogging! :D

    You're a lucky gal winning one from an auction :D Maybe I should try joining too :D Hihi. I'm sad about stolen ones. :/

    I only had 4 phones in my entire life. (But I got so much accessories that came along with them, bluetooth speakers, bluetooth game controller, bluetooth headset, etc.) :D


    1. thank you hun! i'm not sure whether i'm back to being active or just bored :P but whatever we'll see haha

      what are the 4 phones hun? :D

    2. I hope! I hope! Just that I could not understand your post in Indonesian. But that's okay, I have GTranslate to help me :D

      PHONES: nokia 1200, MyPhone Fuego B88i Duo, htc one m7 and the recent one that I have now is the HTC One m8 :D

    3. lol you don't have to! most of my post will be in english so you can save the time :)