I love you the way you are IS A LIE!

No, i am not hurt right now nor in a fight with my boyfriend whatsoever. It's just my thoughts about this particular line, and from my experience, it always ends in a not-so-pleasant situation. Let me tell you why.

When you hear your S.O saying;
"Baby, i love you just the way you are. Don't ever change, okay?"
It's always nice to know that there is someone who loves you with all your imperfections and flaws that you personally hate so much. Of course, that line alone can make you feel like you're flying to cloud nine, because it's just sweet and it's like a candy to your ear.

But think about it. Why don't change?

The world is changing every second, and every single day there is always something different than the previous day. So by that line alone, did your S.O mean if you DID change, they won't love you anymore?

And oh not to mention the little comfort zone your S.O made for you when they say they love you just the way you are. By that i mean all of us have flaws and imperfection we're uncomfortable in, which reduces our self-esteem. The only solution to clear up those imperfections is simply nothing but an action from ourselves. For example, if you know you're overweight, then go for an exercise or diet. If you have a scars or something that you don't like in your body, then go for treatment, or seek a doctor. Don't give an excuse saying that even though you don't love yourself, people are still loving you just the way you are. By them saying to you that they love you just the way you are, they're making you feeling like it's actually okay to be in a bad situation, because they are going to love you somehow. Which ends up with nothing but no self improvement in yourself whatsoever. As your so-called significant other, don't they wanna see you improve as a better you instead? Why should they hold on you to become a better you anyway? And for as much as i know, those who uses that line as a pickup line ends up eating their own words either, by saying that their partner is fat, or ugly, or simply just not satisfied with their partner in the end.

I'm not saying that line is entirely at fault. Or the people that say the line to us is entirely in fault. It's the impact that brought to us, is at fault. Our mind makes that line become a sin to ourselves and to our partner. By saying that line, you think that it's actually okay to be in a situation you're in right now. And by situation i mean the things that you are supposed to change in yourself is postponed or even cancelled, because your S.O said they love you as you are. Because you think it's okay.

Let me tell you, no it's not.

It's not okay to cancel the change you want in yourself, just because someone said they love you just the way you are. It's not okay, to feel okay in your imperfections, if you know you could fix it. It's not okay for you to be in the same level as you were few months ago, or even years ago. You gotta have an improvement in yourself, man. Whatever that is. If they say they love you like that, you are not going to change. Trust me.

If you can translate that line into something positive, it can be a beautiful line. How?

By them saying they love you just the way you are, instead of just being the way you are right now, you should have change for the better. The right partner who really loves you just the way you are would accept and support all the improvements you made to yourself. Instead, they would even tell you and give you advice on which should you improve on your self, instead of just saying they love you as you are right now.

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