I feel like a douche

....and here's why.

I just went and review my previous posts and i saw this post where i write about how deeply in love with my ex but me and my ex was just about 2 months long and i wrote about how in love and i need to be with him forever and all that shit. And then i saw my latest post about how i'm so in love with my current bf when it was just only a month and it got me thinking like,

why am i like this?

i mean, of course it's nice to feel this way, to feel like you're in love with someone and everything but, look at my previous relationship, it had gone straight through the trash bin and now the post means nothing now.

I feel like i'm such a victim of love.

Should i just control my feelings so that i don't feel like this, i mean should i just be not too in love so that i won't get myself in a state where i have to accept the reality of someone leaving me again after i was head over heels with him, or is this situation actually normal for people to feel everytime they're involved in romantic state with someone?

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  1. Hey Susan! I lost contact on your blog until I finally found it again! ^^
    So... Hello! :D

  2. Love is weird.
    Nobody can deny that.
    We can only hope.

  3. It's normal san, just don't go posting it everywhere next time.