Ways of my appreciation to God


Dear God, i wanna spare some time of mine, for saying thank you to You.

I've been living for 22 years so far. I've seen enough ups and downs of life, but yet, all i ever remember is whine and bitch about how shitty my life is. I've never even considered to thank You for what i have and what i am today. So, God, i'm not going to ask for anything today. I'm not going to wish for anything. This is me, this is my post saying thank you, to You.

Thank You.

Thank You for the 22 years of age I have had.
Thank You for letting me live for 22 years with good health and body.
Thank You for giving me a perfect body structure. Thank You that my face and my limbs are all in tact and perfectly placed.
Thank You for giving me abilities to breathe, to talk, to hear, to see.
Thank You for giving me the abilities to have a proper digestion (and that i still can pee and take a shit properly).
Thank You for giving me a roof to sleep on, all this time. Thank You for keeping me away from the sun and the rain.
Thank You for giving me enough food to eat. Thank You for all the nutritious food i got.
Thank You that i am still able to afford nice clothes to wear and things to have.
Thank You for giving me a chance to go to school, have a proper education and a degree.
Thank You for giving me a family.
Thank You for my family's health, and that all my family members are okay and living a good life.
Thank You for giving me friends, even best friends. Thank You for all the new people that i meet.
Thank You for letting me learn, either from teachers, lecturers, parents, or experiences.
Thank You for letting me wake up each and every single day, giving me a chance to see another day with the sunshine in the morning.
Thank You for letting me know the feelings of happiness, sadness, anger, jealousy, or even hatred.
Thank You for giving me a proper job and proper income.
Thank You for every little things with detail that i may not remember, but still affects to who i am today.
Thank You for giving me a hard time to deal with, and heartbreaks to move on with, so that i would learn to appreciate what it feels like to be happy later on.
Thank You for letting me know that, everything i wanted needs an effort to have it.

I am not smart enough to list out every single thing that had happened in my life, but thank You, thank You. For everything that made me who i am today.
I know i have so much to deal with, and a lot of problems to solve, but compared to some people's lives, mine is so much much better and luckier. And for that, i am incredibly grateful for it.

There are just so much so much things to be grateful about. The fact that you're breathing freely, in and out every second, is something you can be grateful for. Look at the people all over the world! Some have the hard time to even breathe. If this is not something you should be grateful for, then what is?

Every single problem you have, is something you should thank God for. Because without the bad, there will be no good. Without the storm, there will be no rainbow. You just gotta move your perspective a little to see the light in every of your darkness. I can't believe from a frequently depressed people like me would say this but, it's true. Some people does have it worse.

So be grateful. It's not hard to say a little thank You every single day to God for all you have today. What you have right now is nothing but gifts from God. Try to see the positive side of everything, then you will have so much to be grateful for.

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