What clubbing feels like to me

In my 21 years of life I had never stepped my foot into a club. In my 22th, I lost my clubginity. And here's what i think about clubbing in overalls.

Let's talk about the cons first, so you guys know what to expect from the worst. (Take note that I only share my experience based on my perspective as a female; others may or may not experience the same thing as I do so..)


  1. I always lost something in the club. This is probably the worst cons for me. I had gone to clubs 5-6 times now and 3 times out of the 6 I lost something. And here's some stuffs that I lost: my necklace, my sister's lipstick, and my fucking smartphone.
  2. Everything is overpriced like wtf. It's like you're planning to spend only 20 bucks but the next day you realise you spend like over 100 bucks in something you don't even remember.
  3. If it's not crowded, it's lame and awkward. If it's too crowded, you will bump into someone every time you move an inch. It's kinda annoying especially if you're tipsy. You probably feel like you just wanna hug everyone in the club. But of course it doesn't work that way. :/
  4. When you're drunk.... You will probably look stupid and ugly af but you can't help it because you can't do anything. Trust me, those bartenders and waiters and sober people will judge you with their eyes (or worse, laugh at how stupid you are) and you can only smile back...... :C Not to mention when you make a completely fool or yourself by falling on the dance floor because you're too drunk (I've been there.... I really have to figure out my drinking limit Jesus Christ)
  5. Those douchebags who just wanna get into your pants. I don't know how straightforward guys in America, but in my place them guys at club is a little bit more polite. They will approach you slowly and asks whether you want a drink or not. If you reject them, they will go away nicely. And if you say yes, then well... yeah they will go all handsy pantsy on you and you know what happens after that. Either way, it's just unnecessary because all you wanna do in club is just have fun with the music. (I can't understand those who go to clubs to find gf/bf though... Is club really a perfect place to find your other half? If you say yes, I may or may not judge you...)
  6. When you wanna look good in clubs, but those tight dresses and heels just doesn't work that way. Dancing in high stilettos for hours while wearing a dress so tight it suffocates you? You will probably just tire yourself and go home with body sores. And don't get me started with the part where you're already drunk. It's a beginning of disasters and humiliation.
  7. The hangovers. When you drink too much and the pounding in your head hurts so much that you can't even sleep. The part when you realise your dress is covered in vomit, alcohol and smoke smell. The moment of confusion when you found out there are bruises everywhere and cigarette burns. The dehydration feels. The feeling of wanting to eat something greasy.

But of all the nightmares stated above, the pros though.


  1. Say hello to the more friendly side of you. When you're in a place like club with the crazy lightings and blasting bass and you're half sober and one glass away from being wasted, your insecurities is the last thing that comes on your mind. You will feel more confident, and all the people will look approachable. I've talked to plenty of girls I don't know in clubs and danced together with them and I still have no idea how the hell i do that when I can't even talk properly with my best friend on a daily basis. Crazy right?
  2. You can bust out that move you think it's cool. No one will care! Clubs are the perfect place for you to dance like nobody's watching. Trust me, nobody is watching. Everyone is drunk af. Okay maybe those bartenders and waiters. But don't deny it, it's a great place for working out that muscles with them signature moves of yours.
  3. The night is yours. And it's still young. And you have plenty of time to have fun. You will forget all the problems in your mind; that's for sure. Especially when you're with your friends, and you're tipsy.

Okay I can't think any more positive things to say, but despite all the cons it's a great experience for me. I have a whole new perspective in life, and of course, if you control your drinking and take care of yourself properly, clubbing can be a really fun activity to do with your friends. If you ask me if I would do it again later on, I would definitely say yes.

Here are some clubbing tips from me:

  1. Wear something comfy. Sure, I understand that you may want to look sexy and everything, but trust me you're gonna be dancing inside and you don't want some douchebags approaching you (unless that's the main reason you go to club and again i'm sorry i may or may not judge you on that)
  2. Always; ALWAYS go with a friend you can trust! I cannot stress on how important this is because you don't know what will happen to you in there; you might be dealing with a douchebag who wont stop pestering you; or worse; you got too drunk and you can't even walk straight. Either way it's always a good idea to bring your friends to club; and make sure your friend can be trusted! Not only they got your back, it's always double the fun when you're with your friends.
  3. Don't go if your girlfriend/boyfriend is uncomfortable with it. It's your choice after all, but i just don't want you putting your love life to risk for a one night fun. It's best if you can go with your S.O. Not only it's fun, you can always, you know, get dirty ;)
  4. Figure out your drinking limit. Everyone got their own limits; it can be just one shot of vodka, or maybe a bottle; you cannot measure your drinking limit with your friends'. You can always drink in bars and lounges first before going to club so you know when to stop before you fall into a pool of disasters. And by disasters, i mean vomit. You definitely don't want that.
  5. Make sure you bring a bag with secure zippers; or whatever that can keep your stuff safe and sound. And make sure to keep it light and easy. You don't want to dance with a heavy bag hanging on you.
  6. Bring a perfume. It's going to smell like shit once you're out from the club, whether it's the smell of smoke, alcohol, your own puke, or your own sweat. Unless you're comfortable with the smell, it's always nice to freshen yourself up a little bit.
  7. Eat something before you hit the club. You're going to chug a lot of alcohol in the club and dance the shit out of yourself, so you wanna make sure your body is fit and ready for that. And as far as i know eating a meal before hitting the club helps you from being nauseous from all the alcohols.

That's pretty much all of it, I really recommend you guys to at least try clubbing once in a lifetime. Even though later on you might not enjoy it as much, but at least you tried something new, and new experience is always a good thing.

See ya later.

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