The Thing About Our Lives


This is something we all should think about, should set a little time aside to put some thoughts about. Yes. Our lives.

Some of you may experience the best things that could ever happened in your life. Stable jobs, nice grades, a perfect relationship with your partners, happy families, bonds with your parents, or just having the best time of your lives travelling or spending money doing whatever you love doing right now. While some of you maybe experiencing the worst of possibly what could happen to you in your life. Breaking ups, heartbreaks, unstable financial problems or worse, you have no idea what you're going to do with the rest of your life, or you are having scares of what your future would become. Many of us are too afraid that you are stuck in this stage for years, too afraid to take a big step to see what is coming.

Well, guess what, we all are in the same boat.

We are all put in this same world. We are all born in this limited time of game called life. And each of us has a different gameplays and storylines that we should take. Everybody needs to do what we all gonna do, and it is undeniable.

But never ever feel afraid. Never ever feel like, the next decision you take is going to ruin your entire life. The truth is, it won't.

Sometimes people are so afraid or too comfortable with what they have right now, they forget to see what's coming. No matter how long you stay in this stage you are, it's going to change. The world is changing, every single second, the universe is changing, people are changing, and you should too. Don't be afraid of changes. What's coming is always better than what is happening right now, so never ever be afraid of taking big steps into your life.

The thing about our lives is, it's a game. It's going to be a game of whether or not you are courageous enough to take. It's a game of no winning or losing, just a bunch of miseries and happiness, all packed up into what we call a lifetime.

The thing about our lives is, it's a story. It's a story which you are both the director and the actor. It's a story which you can decide to make it boring, or the best story you can ever tell to people, ever.

It's all up to you.

So hey, don't get stuck that one part of your lifetime stories that makes you miss or skip the other part. Don't get too comfortable with one happiness, that you forget how it felt to be hurt. Don't stay too long with that memories you held on for such a long time, that other memories you are occuring are being forgotten and left out.

The thing about our lives is, whatever happens right now, just enjoy. What's done is done, whatever happened to you in the past, is all in the past now.

It is time that you really live as a human being. Take that past of yours as a lesson and experience, live and enjoy your present, and be excited with what's going to come for the future.

It's time to be alive.

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