How Breaking Up With You Is The Best Choice We Could Ever Made


Years of being together with you. It had to be ended this way.

All these nights we've stayed together, all the laughs and jokes that we've had, all the places we've gone to, all the promises we had agreed to, and all the memories we had carved together into one source of happiness i could ever hold onto. You decided to threw it all away, like it was nothing for you.

You had no second thoughts when you said everything is over. You have walked away two months ago and i am still here thinking what had i done wrong, that you had decided to just give up everything we've build together for. Am i too selfish? Am i too protective? Does my love and care for you is too much for you to endure, that you decided to just bail me like this? Or maybe that over time we found out that we have different views of life, so you decided to just go in separate ways?

Without you by my side, everything just seems so different. I could never finish my meal anymore, because no one finishes it for me. My bed is cold no matter how much blankets i've used. I have to watch Netflix alone, and i have to figure out what happens to that Devious Maids episode i've watched few nights ago. Nobody is there for me anymore. Not even you. You, the one that promised not gonna leave me no matter what happens, not even when the sky falls down.

What happened to you? Why would you do this to me?

Then i realised something that never came to my mind before.

It's your loss.
Yes, it's you.

Not because i am the most perfect person you could ever meet. Not because i am the highest standards you could ever had. Not because i can give you all the material you want and not because i can fulfil your every needs. But because; note this; i know every little imperfections you have, and i have seen the worst side of you, but i loved you anyway. With all my heart. With everything i have. But it's not enough for you. I have known you since you graduated from your college, and you are on your way to build your career. I had seen you in your torn up shirts and i had seen you pick your nose or fart, but i still loved you, like i had never loved anyone before. But maybe you searched for something else in this world. Maybe the reason that i loved you is not enough for you, because you are searching something else in your life.

It's okay, it's not your fault. Maybe we are just not meant to be.

I never blame you or myself, why we didn't work out. Because over time, i know this is the best decision we could ever made. And i know it will.


Because of you, i know that life doesn't always work out the way we wanted to be. No matter how big our dream is, life always have something else planned for us.

Because of you, i know that i have to cherish my other half more, and their opinions are as precious as mine too, and i have to listen to it, instead of forcing how i wanted into our relationship. Relationship is a two-way thing. And compromise is always the number one must for a relationship.

Because of you, i learn how to trust more. No, not because you are trustable, but because i know, relationship without trust is like a floating boat inside a storm, ready to sink any moment.

Because of you, i learn that every relationship has a different story and history to it. You can never compare yours with others, because it doesn't always seem like what people post on the social media for us to see everyday. I learnt that, they may have posted their happy lovey-dovey moments on the social media, but they will always have the down side part which we will never ever see.

Last of all,

because of you, now my relationship with my current boyfriend is much much better than ours before.


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