Dear God, i wanna spare some time of mine, for saying thank you to You.

I can hear my heart shatters into pieces when you said you're going. No, you're not going away from my life, but you're leaving me.
I am an introvert, and i can't be more comfortable being that way :) But sometimes people (especially extroverts) are misunderstood by our behaviour and make a negative conclusion of how we act a certain way.

In my 21 years of life I had never stepped my foot into a club. In my 22th, I lost my clubginity. And here's what i think about clubbing in overalls.

Years and years of your life, you've been on and off countless relationships. Some left you a memorable and beautiful memories, while some are just plain hurtful and you wished you'd just forget it and move on.

I’m crying. I need help.
I don’t want to do this anymore.
I am tired of myself.
I am tired of living.
I am tired of everything.

On April 10th. Yes, on April 10th.

I got a message from someone. A friend of my co-worker, wanted to be friends with me.

Years of being together with you. It had to be ended this way.

This is something we all should think about, should set a little time aside to put some thoughts about. Yes. Our lives.