Officially employeed

Hi guys, just a quick update here since i have some spare time to spend C:

A few weeks ago i propose my CV & portfolio to a corporate my friend has been working, and i got accepted yayyy. So as you can see in the title above, i am officially an employee now. Can someone pop some confetti for me because i am no longer unemployeed?

(i love to procrastinate but boy when you are unemployeed while all your friends had been working their ass off and earn some $$ you will pretty much feel like a useless piece of crap :/)

But i will be working next month though, so i still have some few days to prepare myself (or rest). Now i am currently in my hometown because i have been helping mom run her mandarin course. She just opened a mandarin course and needs a lot of helping, so. (FYI, all the buildings and paintings are done by OURSELVES. None help asked and wow i feel like such a pro painting walls like u HAVE NO IDEA how hard it is). Now i am sitting in a receptionist desk and since i have no stuffs to do, i blog, like, finally i wanted to blog lmao :)) after all this time. But i kinda lost my skills to create beautiful sets of words for you guys to read so i kinda blabber what is on my mind, right now.

Truthfully told, i am never a good writer, nor a good reader. My range of knowledge for vocabulary is nowhere near awesome, and i only use what i am good at and that's it. But if i still gain readers from what i did, i Thank God and i thank you guys so much for supporting me *kiss* i really do. It means a lot to me.

I feel like doing reviews for beauty, you know. Since i already got that category hanging from my sections why not expand it, and since i change my contact lens sO Much like, once a month. I just gotta find a time and some will to do so :C hopefully i have it soon.

Anyways i think that's all for the update, it's been such pleasure to finally update my blog again; I LOVE MY BLOG, i truly do, and i hope this blog would never die yis


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