Summer Holiday (17-19 July 2014)


One of my friend said this is a trip to summarize our four years of friendship.
I couldn't agree more.

On 17th July 2014 me and my college friends decided that we had to end this college years with a 3 day trip to Pramuka Island, one of the island in Kepulauan Seribu, Indonesia. The fee to the trip that time was pretty reasonable; in fact really cheap; you only had to spend Rp.450.000,- or around USD$45-47 for a 3 day expenses including place to live, various kinds of facilities like snorkeling and even barbeque time.

Not going to say much about the trip whatsoever, let the pics say by itself.
But i can sum up to one word for this whole post; magical.

These were taken from facebook. I got like almost a thousand pics of our holiday trip on my phone lmao but i'm a lazy ass so yeah.

Best. trip. ever.

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