Because Sketches is always a Good Idea

So first i want to rant about how my final thesis has been making me mental these days.

A couple months ago i decided to pick "Diet Kantong Plastik" (plastic usage diet) as my campaign theme. We need to have 3 evaluation before we come to the final session where i do a presentation about my campaign with my lecturer. So far i did good, and the progress were going well,

until i do my visual concepting.

I hate my lecturer. I was supposed to do a visual where i combine a plastic bottle and a fish (i called it botfish) to become my campaign poster which meant that plastic trash has disturbed the environment and has made the living mutated into some kind of a plastic trash also.

He rejected my visual without even hearing my explanation.

He said that for my segmentation (which is medium upper class) doesn't really give a shit about environment.

Well, hello maybe to you. I've done a survey and all of my respondents said they care. *rolls eyes*

He wants some kind of visual where these plastic trashes does some bad impacts on the human's daily lives or physics. You think my campaign is about cigarettes? You think its easy? Come on lah use your logic, if i display an environment that has been wrecked by plastic automatically human's daily lives are influenced too, right?


i can't even understand how this lecturer thinks

Actually i wanna rant much much more about how ridiculous this is but i don't want to put myself in trouble.

Enough with the bitching, let's get into my sketches.

Lately i enjoy sketching a lot. I enjoy drawing stripes on them hairs and posting them on instagram. It's just so satisfying to see your artworks being liked by so many people.

This is for my friend Refina for the 7 years of friendship.

This is dedicated to my hunster Lmyx :3

I actually got a feedback on how scary this picture is. Well, i cant see which point is scary lol


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