2 Unbelievably Horror Games on Android (Free Download Link)


Who doesn't like horror stuffs?
I know I do.

Those mysteries hidden behind the undead, the surprises and scares that makes your adrenaline pumping making you unconciously closing both your eyes with your palm, afraid to know what's coming next. Well some people maybe don't have the guts to watch them horror movies, but it's always the best genre for people to seek some fun.

Horror movies are all over the world now. How about games? Well, we all heard about some scary PC games like Amnesia, Slenderman, etc. But is there any horror games for your handheld to take it anywhere and play it anytime?

Oh yes, there is. In fact, there are 2 of the best.

1. Dungeon Nightmare

This game pretty much starts at a dungeon not knowing where it is, and it didn't tell you much thing either. You only got a map, 2 candles (which when you lits it it will only provides light for a limited amount of time) and nothing more. You will have to use that map to search around the dungeon for some clues, and how you can finish the game.

Along the game there will be some scares (a lot actually), you will encounter ghosts that will attack you (yes you can die) and a skeleton that will only move and attack you when you put your sight away from it.

The game is pretty much very enjoyable and adrenaline pumping, especially when you put your headset on and experience all the sound effects. Honestly i'm quite a coward to horror stuffs (regardless of how much i enjoyed them) and i can't finish this game. One time i even throw my phone away because of the scares.


Found some clues... But what is actually these things for?

Oh so you have to find a thing called artifact.. Spoilered.


You have to pay for this game on both Android and iTunes unfortunately, and i am sorry to say i have no free downloads for apple user, but Android users you are lucky...

Download (32 MB)

2. Eyes (The Horror Game)

If dungeon nightmares are too hard for you, you could try Eyes (the horror game). This game has a clear objective of what you should do (collecting money bags) and it also has a map that will help you along the game. Although you know what you have to do along the game, the not knowing of what will come next still sends chill down your spine and will definitely makes you scared enough to take another steps though.

I would say this is also a scary game, and best if you use headset for more experience :D

The main menu

The opening scene, explaining to you why you have to do this shit.

Level : Normal. If you think it's not good enough, try Hard.

You can take the eyes that's on the wall. If you use the eyes wisely you can see from the ghost's point of view. Therefore you can avoid the places where you see from the eyes and avoid encountering with the ghost.

Download on Google Play (33 MB)

Unfortunately not free on iTunes store. Apple users you're missing out a lot of good stuffs...

That's all folks. Actually i wanted to highlight 3 games. The remaining ones are Slenderman, but playing Slenderman in Android is just not as fun as playing it on PC (and it is not as scary either) so i decided to sort it out.. If you're still curious about Slenderman you can just simply search it on Google Play and there will be tons of them available for you.

I am sorry i have been very very absent these couple of months. I must say i am literally packed by my thesis, and there will be more restless months like this until July or August, i don't know.. If i have some spare time i would spend it on DotA; that game had made me stayed up for a lot of hours which i should have been sleeping! Not good.

Not good.

Anyways wish me luck guys, hope i can get my degree soon and become a perfect boring adult who spend their lifetime working at the office and become a boring person.


See ya guys. Oh and to top this post off here's a song that i currently love :

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