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Wow. it's like i never pour my hearts and soul on this blog anymore.

Days at hometown have been good. Not great but it was actually okay, compared to last years. maybe it's because i'm alone, so no one destroys my mood. but at the same time, i'm also bored because of it.

I actually had a fight with icang yesterday, because of some particular reasons. I couldn't say it's not a big deal, because to him maybe it is. It was kind of a big fight, but in the end we made up. And i'm glad. But i'm going to admit that i can still feel the tension between us two...

Being in a fight with somebody you love and miss so dearly really brings you completely down. I couldn't concentrate at all. And i can't even talk properly with someone because all you can think about is the fear of losing him. I think it is one of the perks of being in love. you'll feel happiness, but you're also taking risks of getting hurt. you just gotta deal with that.

baby i just want to say i love you and i don't want to lose you. that's all :*


yesterday bro went home from Pekanbaru. Mom says he has to, because he needs to continue school. mom still stays. i fetched him at the airport. i cancelled my meeting with Vivian and i wanna apologize to her for that T__T i'm so sorry vivian.


I am currently searching for mangas to read, and i would like some recommendations for you guys. I see a lot of blogger shares the same passion with me so i'm hoping to find some good mangas from you guys.

My genre is mostly horror, gores, and ecchi (surprising, huh. I would shamelessly say i also enjoy reading yaoi, yuri and hentai too. But that doesn't mean i LOVE it. it's just.. I'm still okay with it, you know? that's all). Romance kinds is okay, but i don't want those too complicated ones. You guys know any?

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