BBQ party, Rantings and Liebster (?)

Oh how fast time flies.

Before you even realize it 2013 is over. Ah, how enjoyful the sight of new years. Everyone is busy thinking of a great new year's resolution to post on social network and wishing for miracles which always dissapoint them later on. Sadly, i am one of them.

Unfortunately, those wishing for miracles thing is not going to work for my new year because i am starting them by raging on my home's laptop and screaming in angst.

But let's talk about that later.

- The epic BBQ Party -

I wanna tell you guys about my awesome BBQ party that happened a few weeks ago. It's a regular BBQ party like any other does. What makes it special is of course, the feeling of togetherness and exchanging early christmas gifts. But the exchanging gifts part makes me say that this BBQ party was the best ones ever. You'll know why soon.

This year's BBQ party is definitely the most crowded party of all the BBQ parties i had because 19 of my college friends attended it. Imagine just how many mouths we have to feed lol. They all bought their christmas presents for exchanging, which is nice because no one comes with empty hand. I told them to buy presents with a budget below Rp.20.000,- which is hard (because in Indonesia Rp.20.000,- is kind of cheap and things that are cheap and good at the same time is hard to find), so i can tell from their witty eyes and smiling faces that some of them must be buying something weird and freaky,

which turned out to be true.
And everybody knows that.

So after the barbecuing is done without further adue we all sat together in the living room and take our queue numbers with anticipation. I got number 16 and Ivan got number 9 (if i'm not mistaken, numbers doesn't matter anyway)

Thank God me and Ivan got a quite pleasant presents.

I got a new mini sketchbook and he got a diary with padlocks (LOL still funny) and a set of pens.

And so is my thirteen other lucky friends..

Evelyn (girl above) got a set of 500 pieces puzzle WITHOUT any help and instructions so the only way she finds out what picture is in the puzzle is to put it together. Later i found out that the picture is actually an old Chinese singer lol which is totally not pretty to admire at (i asked the one who gave the gift)

And now i present you the lucky jackpot winners.

On the left you can see this slightly depressed but actually contented guy called Anton that he got a box of condom for his christmas present. Why he is so lucky is that this BBQ party actually held on his house and yet he got the most "useful" presents of all lol.

And on the right you can see this acting all kawaii guy called Henry that he got a Sailormoon Wand for his christmas present. SAILORMOON WAND.


You can actually imagine how we all burst into laughter; 19 of us when we see what the present is. But don't underestimate the wand, though. When you press the button on the wand it can create melodies and rainbow lights. At least he got that going on for him, which is nice.

(Anton sitting behind him looking so jealous. He must be thinking "ah how i wish i got that. At least i still can play princess with that wand. Now the only thing i can do is just masturbate")

(still can't get over the fact that he got a sailormoon wand)
(fun fact though, he's the guy with the most muscle in our gang)
(and yet he got that wand)

Last but not least is this guy called Dedee.
He got a pink pig mug for his Christmas present which is a pleasant one.
I just can't stand his kawaii act when he shoot this photo. He must be wanting a lot of attention.

So i got him his own space for my post lol.

He must be regretting it now.

Last but not least a group photo..

You can see i am the most happy one, standing tall behind using a chair.
Susan stop being so embarassing lol.
Even Ivan stand so far from me because he's embarassed.

And i can't help but to admit that our BBQ party's water gallon is so god damn narcisstic.
How can he interfere our group photos like that.
Standing in front like that and stealing our spotlight,


This is a ranting full of hate and cursing words because i am in rage.
I am so in rage Hulk is nothing compared to me.

So on 28th December i flew back to my "oh-so-dreamy" hometown to help my mom arrange and clean stuffs, since we all just move out to a new home. That time i swear to God i am definitely not ready for going home because my Dota 2 fever is just started.

Okay for you readers who are not addicted to games, good for you. And you probably don't understand how's it feel like so just stop judging.

Dota 2 is a very, VERY addictive game. That's why there are so many people out there playing it. FYI there are even people who DIED playing it. So i repeat, it is a very addictive game. And i just recently played it, and i am definitely on the climax of the addictive. I am not complaining that i have to go home, because i got a laptop back here and i was thinking maybe when i'm on my free time i can still play it here. That's why i was okay.

1 hour and half i flew back here. I settle down first and i started downloading Steam, and everything.

The internet here sucks more than a blackhole. I even use my own phone card's internet quota to download the game, which is 4.5GB size. I downloaded it overnight.

The next day it was finished. Oh how happy am i, to finally can taste the awesomeness of playing Dota 2 again, online, with all my friends and all its glory, oh how i am so desperate to play the game so bad and how i am so wanting to put my hands on my favourite Dota hero, which is Pugna.

I install it without any further delaying, but error windows popped out saying Dota 2 is not registered to Windows Logo, saying the program will not be executed, fearing it will break the system's hardware and every little fucking fucks that i can no longer remember due to the word ERROR has completely blinded me with rage and dissapointment.


Ok la maybe i exaggerated too much but you know la the feeling of utter dissapointment when you have waited something for so long and you have sacrificed so much and it turned out failing you :(

So later on i do some research for my laptop and i just realized that my laptop's Windows system is a very outdated one, it still uses Windows XP and the spec inside is a very old type one.

Even playing Sims 1 needs to load for a long time /sigh/

Thank God it can still be used to update my blog. hah at least i still got that going for me.

I still had a lot to rant but i realize that ranting and writing it down on details is harder than i thought because if you're mad, you are better if you just say "I CANNOT FUCKING PLAY DOTA" or "I HATE MY NEW HOUSE" or "MY HOUSE IS RAT INFESTED", you know, saying it straight to the point, it will feel better.



This liebster award has been going around in blogging community for a while now and i must say i did not feel that honoured to got this award because i feel like everybody got one also, and it became a very common award to get. I mean, an award is something you achieved when you actually write something good, or runs an awesome blog, and it is not distributed widely on the internet. I don't even know who made this award on the first place, and i don't even know what Liebster means. But no matter how i still going to thank Miki, Supah Diva, Jeca, and Janice for giving me this award because they are just a bunch of nice fellas.

However i am sorry to say that i am not going to do the Q&A listed and etc because i think it is just too irrelevant with the award, and i don't think i also need to follow and be followed just because i got this award or people gave it to me or i only have followers less than 200. If people don't follow me, it's just because i didn't write good enough or i'm just too plain boring and i need to improve, simple as that. No cheap tricks.

Anyway here is the piture of the award :

Or this one :

Come on guys even Google has a lot of these.

P.S : Apart from everything bitchy above i sincerely wishing you a happy new year 2014 and may luck, blessings, joy, and fortune be with you always.

HUAT AHH!!! :D :D :D :D

And congratulations for surviving 2013. Achievement unlocked!

Image source from weheartit :3

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