Fugly me and my precious feline partner.

Every morning when i woke up he would come at me and give me this irresistible look i cannot avoid and i will hug him and he would place his head on my shoulder and we would hug for a long time.
I love him so much, my feline best friend.

He's turning 1 year old now and he would occasionally go outside and get dirty. I don't want him to grow up, i want him to stay little and be my kitty forever. :(

Btw this is Xixi, he lives with me and my sis for a while but King took him as a competition and would scratch at him whenever possible so Xixi was sent away for protectio. :(
Bye Xixi, miss you.
3 AM in the morning, and here i am instead of sleeping, i blog.

I need to let this out my chest. I know talking to somebody would let off some weight from my mind but average people would only give advices like "i know how you feel" or "think positive".

No, they don't know how i feel, and they don't know how hard i'm struggling to think "positive".

Therefore, i think writing it out would lift up the pressure of my mind. And where else should i write except my old, unpopular, and long abandoned blog?

Perfect place to speak my heart out. No traffics, no visitors, just some spammers trying to spam the shit out my cbox.

So here it is. /sigh

Cried my heart out thinking that it would make me feel a lot better, but in fact, it doesn't. Crying was said to make someone feel relieved. It's true, but you still need to let it off after all, whether it's writing or talking to someone.

Skip the stupid intro anyways. It's too long.

I feel like my whole life sucks. Of course most of the time when i am enjoying my activities or when i'm in okay mode i didn't feel that way; or maybe i felt it but i just ignore the feeling, thinking that everything would be okay, but my mind won't let me feel that way long enough. Especially when i'm socializing with people and someone made a negative statement to me, or talk to me with annoyed voice or angry voice; i would completely think negative; and that's unavoidable. For example...

Let me see. Um..

"Susan, you're so careless. You should change your habit."

If that statement came from somebody i barely knew or my friends, i would totally over-think it and zillions of question would pop up in my mind like am i really that careless? how could he/she say that? does my other friend think of me like that too? do i have little friends because of that? why could i be so careless? what should i do to change this habit? how am i supposed to socialize with others with a habit like this? all people must be thinking the same too about me. god why am i born like this? why am i unloved? why am i this? why am i that?

and one silly statement like that ruined my entire day, just like that. I go emo, completely silent and corner myself. Sometimes, i would just cry, like now.

Why? Why should i over-think like that?

I don't want to. I really am. I don't want to be so over-sensitive like this, but i can't. I'm so jealous of people who are so ignorant of everything and anything people say about them. I wanna have this "fuck haters" attitude that most hipsters and gangsters have. I wanna be like them, and i wanna be focus on what i have and everything positive rather than brooding over what i lack or my flaws.

I'm sure if i don't change this kind of habit i would totally go depressed, sooner or later, i promised.

I don't like seeing people go emo or saying that he/she don't have life, don't have friends etc on the internet. I find them cheesy and attention-seeking, and i would definitely avoid being that kind of person, but at the same time i get the feeling they're having. The feeling of unloved, ignored, unsocialized.

I am also jealous with lots of things; materials, friends, but mostly i am jealous with people who have a loving family, who care at each others, who notice every little things their family members do, etc etc.. You see i have lots of friends who can talk with their mothers like its their best friend. They talk about everything to her mom, even love life, even their every single friend, good or bad. Every kind of struggle they're facing, and how their mom gives them solution by talking nicely and give very wise advice on how to face this life. I am so grateful that i have a very strong independent mom, but once in a while i really wish how she can be my best friend, my listener who hears every bit of my story. I grew up hearing her scolding me, and forbids me doing this and that. And i would definitely don't want her to scold me on everything i done, so it's impossible to tell her my life stories....

Sometimes at time like this, when i am given a place to write out my heart feels i think too much i don't even know what to write. Just sooo many to think about, i barely write half of my mind here...

Don't you ever fucking told me to pray to God. I know God is everything, and i personally believe in God and everything about Him, and of course i prayed. But at time like this i really want to solve this on my own, without asking God for help, every single time i'm facing a hard time. It's like "God please help me this, God please help me that", you know. I'm trying so hard that i thank God everytime i am in this mode, this breakdown mode, so i'll learn to think positive. But of course, i'm still working on it, since it's always easier said than done. That's why i'm writing here, i'm spilling my heart out here.

I honestly feel better after writing (although it doesn't even describe my problems), and i'm feeling like someone out there also would feel the same way like i do, and that gives me that warm feeling that i'm not facing this alone, and of course, it's sweet.

Before i start to talk more nonsense i will stop writing right now.
As all you Simmers know, The Sims 3 had launched almost every expansion packs and stuffs available to this day (except The Sims 3 Movie Stuff). I thought i needed to post a review about all the expansion packs and stuffs to people who wants to play this game but don't have a clue which expansion packs and stuffs you should install. Here's a little bit of what i think.

Expansion Packs

The Sims 3 World Adventures | ★★★
The Sims 3 World Adventures expansion packs offers your sims a traveling experience by giving you three places to travel, France, China, and Egypt. The good thing about this expansion packs is that everytime you travel to spesific places the game gives you an adventure job and gives you challenge to solve. And everytime you finish one, you got some adventure rewards which can be traded with their souvenirs. But sometimes even the good thing has its flaws; it's lifetime consuming. Each jobs takes a long time to solve since there are lots of mazes and puzzles to go through, and your travelling days can only up to 8 days maximum (if i'm not mistaken) and if you don't have a visa, you can only get 3. It's not enough; and sometimes i only want my sims to just spend the holiday abroad without doing adventure jobs, but it just can't. Cause there are some places only doing adventures can unlock. But if you're ambitious kind of person, this might be the best expansion for you. Different people different taste.

The Sims 3 Ambitions | ★★★★
I'm giving this expansion 4 stars out of 5 because this expansion gives my sims a whole new professions to choose for; and it's all awesome. With this expansion installed you got extra careers available like investigators, ghost hunters, teachers, even architect and stylist- awesome. But you didn't get anything more besides that. So if you're mostly about partying and socializing, you don't need to install this one.

The Sims 3 Late Night | ★★★★★
Of all the expansion packs, this one is a must. It gives you new towns, apartments, nightclubs, dance clubs, and a whole lot more. It also gives you the abilities to adjust your sims' breast and muscle size. Fantastic. It also gives you a vampire ability, which you can use it if you're into night life. Overall it's just fantastic, and you definitely don't wanna miss this expansion.

The Sims 3 Generations | ★★★
Like world adventures, it gives you some things to play with, but at the same time you don't really need it that much. Generation gives you new activity and interactions, new types of party like bachelor and bachelorette party, of course new types of hairs, clothings, and objects, but it's okay if you don't install this one. It just gives you a whole lot more of details about how your sims should spend your life, rather than just relaxing at the sofa or watching TV.

The Sims 3 Pets | ★★
I personally like sims 3 pets, and i'm glad that in the Create-A-Sims you can create a more detailed kind of pets, but it just give you nothing. It's kinda useless and now with a pet you have to take care of, it's annoying, actually. I'm so pissed off that unlike Sims 2 it doesn't give you the ability to purchase pets anymore in community lot. Instead of that they let you adopt from social services or neighbourhood. I don't really like it, but yeah you animal lovers probably jump for joy cause this in this expansion packs it gives you horses to keep too. The only plus points is that, you can also keep birds, turtles, snakes, and also it has unicorns available. You guys know i like cats, but i probably would want to keep snakes as pets only with this expansion.

The Sims 3 Showtime | ★★★★★
Showtime is like the couple of late nights; it's just complete the late night expansion by adding new features. With this expansion you can work as a singer, an acrobat, and a magician. It's awesome. You can also host your own show in venue, which will give you happy moodlet if you do a great show. I love this expansion, and what i love the most about this expansion is that it gives your sims the celebrity system, which can make your sims into a celebrity!! Oh my goshhhh. And if you're a five-star celebrity, random sims would come and take your pictures, ask for you autographs, and papparazi will follow you wherever you go. It's like woooww. 8D

The Sims 3 Supernatural | ★
Ppppfffftttt. Boo. This expansion sucks to the core. Yes i know it lets your sims become a werewolf, a fairy, a witch, even a zombie. But what else? The fairies can do nothing, the wolves don't even eat people (well at least scare sims away or scare the neighbourhood would be nice) and witches can only turn things into apple. Potions are available to turn people into gold and etc, but it gets boring over time. And the most annoying thing with this expansion going on is that whenever full moon is coming there are always zombies climbing out from inside the ground, scares you with the growling sounds, and then wanders around aimlessly. WTF?! And then when morning comes, it just turns back into ordinary sims again and go home. *rolls eyes*

The Sims 3 Seasons | ★★★★★
I would give this expansion a big fat of five stars cause seasons holds a big impact in our lifes, and with this expansion you got all the four seasons, and of course, the festivals and the features. Rains, fogs, hails, everything is available here, and lots of objects, furnitures, hair and clothing are available too. The most favourite thing about this expansion for me is that they gives you umbrella; which The Sims 2 has never gives you before, and your Sims can get tanned skin in a spray tan machine or just hangs out long enough outside.

The Sims 3 University Life | ★★★★★
This expansion packs is awesome. It's just packed with a whole of awesomeness. First, they gives you social groups which including rebel, nerd, and jocks. Second, it gives you socialnetworking skills, and you can ask your sims to blog!!! OMG. Bloggers dream, right. LOL. Third, you can change your smartphone's skin. Fourth, you can draw grafittis in walls, grounds, and fifth, you can write love letters!! Ah, its just, wonderful. <3

The last expansion packs is The Sims 3 Island Paradise. Since i haven't played it i can't give you a proper review, but judging from other people's review and trailers and fun *cries :'(* i would give this a ★★★★★ star.


Now, for the stuffs. You should know that The Sims 3 Stuffs only gives you additional hairs, clothings, objects and furniture; sometimes only any one of those four, so you can't expect extra activities and interactions from the sims 3 stuffs. But of course, some are pretty cool also.


The Sims 3 High-End Lot Stuff ★★
This stuff packs gives you extra furnitures, mostly are technologies things like TV, console games, etc. Not that important, but still gives you different taste and style in your house or your apartment.

The Sims 3 Fast-Lane Stuff ★★★
I never miss this stuff packs; it's because it gives you lots of cool car designs and of course, race cars. It also gives you racing outifts, but that's not that necessary since your sims is well, ordinary sims :-/ Why don't they create racing careers? It would be fun. Or like, illegal racing done by teens. LOL

The Sims 3 Outdoor Living Stuff | ★
If you are the gardening-ambitious type, this stuff packs might give you some decorations you'll need. But if you never do gardening or always stay inside the house, this packs is just useless. In my case, i only let my sims party and socialize and do stuffs i enjoy watching. Gardening is not one of them, relaxing outside and picnic is not one of them either.

The Sims 3 Town Life Stuff | ★
Town Life stuffs gives you objects, clothings and hairstyles that are, erm, normal. Since it's a town life stuff packs, it only gives you what you usually have in your town. Laundromats, libraries, gyms, parks.. Expansion packs already got all of those, so i don't think it's neccessary to add more of those normal boring things.

The Sims 3 Master Suite Stuff | ★★★★★
Master Suite stuff is, master. It gives you all the objects, clothings, furniture and hairs in royal mode and styles. The best thing about this stuff packs for me is the lingeries. 8D I just like them sims sexy and flirty woo <3

The Sims 3 Katy Perry's Sweet Treats Stuff | ★
Like the name, this stuff packs gives you everything Katy Perry wears in her video clip... Mostly candy-themed, so it's not that compatible for your sims to wear on everyday life. If you're all about performing on stage, maybe this stuff packs will gives you more inspiration for you perform outfits... But i wouldn't want this.

The Sims 3 Diesel Stuff | ★★★★★
Diesel Stuffs gives you mostly clothings. But it's all cool clothings for everyday's outfit, so i would give this a five star cause i will always use this over and over cause this stuff packs gives me more options in styling my sims.

The Sims 3 70s, 80s & 90s Stuff | ★★★
One word, funkyyyyy. This stuff packs provides you 70s, 80s, and 90s styles that you can give your sims to wear. Boogie along the music with the poofy hair and sweat bands, wear colourful clothes and act old. I gave this 3 stars because it's fresh and it's fun, but honestly i would want my sims to dress angel-ish rather than old-fashioned.

Last stuff packs is The Sims 3 Movie Stuff. This stuff packs will be launched in September 2013, and i can't wait for it to be launched. I hope the stuffs is as good as the name sounds.


Well, that's it. Hopefully this review helped you sort what expansion and stuffs packs you should download. The Sims is always and will be the best simulation games i ever played, and i of course would want you guys to try this game out too.
I promised you guys before that i would post a review about castle crasher so here it is. People would normally play this on Xbox Arcade (i did a research) but i played this on PC. Some controls are unusual than the usual PC games since this is an Xbox games, but after a while you won't even notice the difference. This game's animation is cute, the characters are all small and round. There are no any muscle characters, despite that it's a fighting game. But at the same time this game brings some gore elements too like head got cut off, bloods everywhere...

But fear not, of course it's still cute. And you can turn off the blood effects as well so.

Cutie patootieee

It started from inside a horse-stable interior room with hays on the ground where people are partying and blowing horns, and then you are told to go outside the room. After going out you can see some black hooded witch dude stole a big ass purple diamond and fly away kidnapping four "lovely" princesses. Sorry i use quotation marks, i don't find them cute. In fact i find them a bit slutty, you'll see why when you play the game. -__-

Then your jobs in this game is too clear stages, take back treasure that is stolen and bring back those four princesses.

Screenshot of the soldiers fighting giant vikings.


Sorry. sorry. You have to play it yourself. It is really cute i'm not lying.

Then along the game you'll get to choose your weapons, each have their own plus points.

Characters, villains, weapons, items, and pets preview.
Try finding a fish in that weapon list lol.
I was like wuuuuuuutttt when i found that shit.

Finished all the stages already, and overall the joy and happiness this game bring to me i would give it 7 points out of 10, cause sometimes this games is so hard it pisses me off.


Here is the download link : [LINK] (torrent or direct download available)
Hello to whoever still occasionally opens my blog. It looks like now i only remember this blog every two month once. Last two post was written in Feb, and the last one was in April.. And now i update again in June. Hahaha. Well what can i say?

Things have been going pretty well in my life. I've finished my exam.


Got time to play games, procrastinate and fatten myself, although i don't want to, and finally got spare time to blog. Hahaha. My college homework is stressful, you know.
Then the best thing that could happen within this whole time is that i got back with my boyfriend again.

WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! (more enthusiastic woo please)

it feels so good to know that the one you love is loving you back the way we love them and that no matter what we do we always gets a second chance from them, and they are willing to put the risk on believing at us again to try the relationship one more time. I feel whole again, of course, and i'm spending more time than before with him to maintain and strengthen our relationship, and making it better than ever.

I love him :')

Okay Susan try not to mess up again ok. I know I know. I won't.
*hugging my bf tightly*


Second big thing happening is that Jakarta was holding an event this June called Jakarta Expo where companies sell their stuffs in a big-ass hall and lots of companies were recruiting Sales Promotion jobs. I was intrigued by the fee they're offering and i worked at this Home Shopping Company for about two weeks. But then i resigned cause come to think of it the work is not worth the little fee i'm getting :( I would better of selling things online or blog myself off though to make some kachings. Hahaha. So i quit. And there you have a unemployeed, procrastinating Susan :D


But there's more to than just the fee though. The crowds. OMG you have no idea. I think there's like 30% of Jakarta people visiting there every day. Cause there's like so many halls combining into one and there are so many companies selling their stuffs there and it was like UHHH you can't even walk properly.

Here is the picture of the expo :

Credits to whoever post this. I found it on Google.

It was soooo, sooooo crowded. And i personally never like crowds; the reason i never like crowds is that
First, breathing problems. Not that i have asthma, but sometimes when i'm in crowds i have difficulty to breath some fresh air. Sometimes when i'm sue enough, i breathe in lots of perfume air, smokes, or even people's body odour. Eek. I hate it.
Second, assholes and bastards are unavoidable. And by assholes and bastards i mean those people who walk pass me and without hesitating they hit me whether or not i was blocking their way. In this case, aunties hold the most records in pissing me off with this kind of way. With big ass bags. And shopping bags. URGH. You know. It's like HEY AUNTIE YOU GOT EYES OR NOT.
Third, i'm feeling a little bit uncomfortable if i'm entering a shop then the employee was like "Boleh silahkan mau cari apa, ini yang terbaru loh cici coba pake ini deh bagus banget harganya murah banget loh cuman hari ini diskonnya kalo gak beli sayang kelewatan loh cici ayo dilihat dulu ci mampir dulu ntar saya ngomong sama bos saya deh kalau cici mau diskon lebih ini cocok banget deh buat cici" and was endlessly offering me something i'm not really that interested in. *roll eyes*

Besides the crowds and the fees, there are one last thing that makes me better off quitting. Is that the marketing and the demo staffs are douchebags. I sound like cursing every single person i encounter, but if you're in my position you totally understand what i'm talking about.

It's like when working hours, they never work. OK lah they duo duo shao shao work lah. But they ask us to not slack off, playing phones and talk, but they all do that. It's not that they don't have the rights to do it since they are all senior employees in that company, but if you want us SPG to do the same thing at least give us a good example la hor. Why the hell you nag nag nag then you yourself do it right? How is that seems fair to us you tell us la.

So in conclusion, i don't think next year i will work as SPG again in that expo although i'm short of money, really. I better off searching for freelance design jobs rather than become someone's kuli.


Third big thing is that last 25 June The Sims 3 launched their last expansion packs; The Sims 3 Island Paradise; which i think is SUPER AWESOME. Yes, of course i am still a game freak. Just like old people say : gou gai bu liao chi shi (dog can't change their habits eating shit, or so i thought the translation is) you can't just change your old habits that easily. Especially when your habits is not something bad. Playing games is not bad, okay. Except when it's starting to affect your school/jobs.

Here is a lil' bit of Island Paradise for you

Sims are now able to dive underwater and find treasures. B-D

Oh my god what's more better than that.
You can even turn your sims into a beautiful mermaid!!!

I'm speechless. Totally speechless.

I've downloaded and installed The Sims Island Paradise already and ready to play, but i don't fucking know what fucking happened my computer shuts down suddenly everytime i starts to play this shit.

Gonna fix it soon and gonna enjoy my holiday in the beach. In Sims.



Anyways for you twerps in next post i'm going to make a little review of every single Sims 3 expansion packs and stuffs available so you will have a picture of which sims EP and ES you would want to download and which is won't.

Sounds good?