How to make falling petals effect on your blog

Last years' christmas i showed you a tutorial about how to add snow storm effect on your blog. Two years' ago i showed you a basic tutorial of basic snow effect + some cute christmas cursor as a bonus.

How about some different effects now?

In this tutorial i will show you a few simple steps to add falling flower petals to your blog.
This effect is so pretty, and it's very suitable for vintage lovers or pink lovers. Any will do.

Demo is on my tumblr.

The only thing you have to do is paste this script code right below on <head> code :

then, click Save.

For modern blogger template, you only have to :

  • Go to dashboard > design > add a gadget > HTML/javascript
  • Copy dan paste the code on the HTML/Javascript windown you opened
  • Click save to blogger.
That's it. I hope you enjoy this simple tutorial about adding falling petals to your blog. I will try to keep posting tutorials for you guys.

May you have a joyful and wonderful christmas this year~

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