Brandy Elliot (Create A Sims)


Brandy Elliot, a sim living in Bridgeport all by herself trying to find some fame and popularity to feed on her everyday life. Her goal is to seduce all the man as much as she can because she believe she got it. That's why she got no friends when she move from Neville, because every girl hates her guts, while every boy cries for her departure.

She's flirty, a great kisser, irresistible, but somewhat develops a diva and dramatic traits, perfect for becoming a celebrity star.

Her formal wear is elegant yet sexy, making her a beauty out of beauties. Gold hoop earrings just makes her formal wear a perfection, and ready to smize everyone with her crystal clear hazel eyes.

A seductive queen is incomplete without a red hot lingerie. Straps and lace going on, and hair all up-do to a nice bun, ready to rock. Which male can resist such hotness?

Exercise time! Looks is nothing without a smoking hot body, so Brandy didn't forget to exercise regularly and put on her pedometer so she can control her calories.

Summer is all about bikinies, Brandy knows this well, so she gotta put on a very minim bikinis to show her abs and big boos to everybody. No one seems to complain, though.

Snow and fogs fillin up December, which Brandy uses to wrap her bodies with lots of layers. She put on a very elegant and mature coat with denim jeans to have this elegant yet trendy look and completes it with a glasses so that fogs wont hurt her eyes. Boots are essential, too.

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