Download Paid Applications For FREE!


But how?

To be honest, i'm just a young student, trying to find lots of knowledge by going to Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia. And living in a capital city isn't as easy. Despite being paid for my college fee and rent, I still have to pay for my own food, pay for my own transportation, pay for every cent of my homework project; and i tell you, studying design is NOT cheap at all. I have to save a lot of money so that i can survive every single day.

A person like me uses smartphone all the time. I use it for chattings, social media, and as you know it, playing games, the most. And for a person who loves to play games available on phone, i found it a shame that many of the fun games have to be paid on the Google Play Store. Therefore it is such a great thing for me when i found this application introduced by my sister's boyfriend.

Introducing Blackmart Alpha, a black market application for downloading paid items for FREE.

It has thousands of paid and non-paid applications for you to download, and it's easy to install. How easy? Let me teach you.

First, you have to download an .apk format file from the link i give at the bottom of the post. You see, .apk format file is a format file for application installer. It works kinda like .exe file, while .exe runs a program for you, .apk install an application for you. (long unnecessary speech to clarify that this is not a virus you're downloading because some people are just plain skeptical).

When you're done downloading, run the downloaded file. It probably should look like this :

Install the application, and when it's done, it looks like this in your menu :

Now when you open the application, it will probably ask for an update. Well update it. After the application updated, check the About section, and it probably should look like the picture above on the right.

When you're done checking for the version, download away~

Asphalt and SwiftKey Keyboard is an paid application on Google Play Store, now it's ready to install.

Pros :
- You can download paid applications and games
- The display is neat and you looked like a real market list
- You can download cracked app
- Small size of file

Cons :
- Too much ads going on. Nobody likes ads.
- There are some applications that doesn't work after installed.
- Sometimes the app forces you to close.

Overall i think this is not a bad idea if you want to play some games or use some paid apps for free. There are nothing to lose, and it's virus-free, i've tried it for myself, so why not.


- I DID NOT encourage you to download everything for free. It's better if you actually pay for it. This is just merely a review for an application i use, so it is not an encouragement.
- I've used this application on my phone which is an ANDROID phone, so i don't really know if Apple users can also use it or not.

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  1. wow, a blackmart alpha! i used it as an alternative because the play store does not working in my phone. ofc i also warned against potentially virus apps.