4 cute and fun pixel games on Android (free download link)

It's unexplainable how in love i am to pixels. Pixel is incredible, and people who can make pixel arts is far more incredible. Making pixel arts is a lot of hard work, you know. I've tried once making pixel arts, and i surrender right away...

*not proud* .___.

Do you even know that in order to make pixel arts, they have to put every single squares of pixels one by one to form an art? Do you know that the placement of every pixels have to put in order to make a perfect shape? Do you even know that this picture beside, have how much pixel squares in it? Let alone pixelated game developer. *bow downs*

Because of how much i am in love with pixels and how respect i am to those pixel-maker-gods, i tried searching some pixel games on my phone (i am a hardcore phone junkie), i found a lot, and i have tried it all. But i listed 4 of the cutest from all and i guarantee you is as much fun as how cute the appearance is.

1. Infectonator

As far as i know, zombies are one of the most popular fictional undead creatures on the world besides from the legendary vampires and werewolves. And what's more fun than zombies? Zombie apocalypse, of course, where humans have this imagination that zombie viruses will outbreak and infect the whole wide world, leaving you as the last survivor and trying to survive. This is one of those zombie apocalypse game, only in pixels and you're not the survivor. You're the zombies. And your mission is to infect as much humans as possible. That's why it's called infectonator, not survivornator (or something like that).

The main menu. You can see the zombies in action here in a demo mode.

Two types of game modes.

There will be two types of game modes. One is world domination, or just to be simple, mission mode, and another one is endless infection, where you can understand from the title that this is a free-play where you can infect as many humans as possible. Each of the game modes will earn you coins.

You got a whole world waiting for you to infect, brah.

On the mission mode, there will be a world map showing you where you gonna start your game. Every country gives you different kinds of missions, and the mission is to infect how much humans, how many bombs you'll have to use during the play, etc.

Upgrades menu

Above is the upgrades menu, where you can upgrade your zombies' life span, speed, damage resistant, attack, infection chance and virus direction. This is where you're going to spend your coins that you got from the game. Mostly i'll upgrade my speed and damage resistant first, because as the game leveled up, there will be lots of cops and FBIs shooting your zombies and that's hard to deal with :S

Supports menu

Supports is an optional thing to buy, for examples you don't always have to buy grenades for your game. Sometimes it is needed just for completing missions. It costs fortune too, so.

Zombies menu

This is the zombies section. On the picture above you can see basic types of zombies you're going to use on your games. Those unlock ones are special kinds of zombies, where each of them has special types of powers. You're gonna need those zombies when your level is high enough. They gonna give you a big help.

Trivia news section, gotta love this game.

This are the trivia news section, where you can see the news reader giving you some zombies-unrelated posts and fun facts about life. You see, it's this little thing that i love about games. You don't always have to focus on the game, you can always enjoy the tidbits that the game developer make for you. :3

Achievements menu

Achievements menu is where you can see what you achieved over the games. Some are easy, some are hard.

This game is available on both Android and iPhones.

Download on Google Play (20 MB)
Download on iTunes Store (25.9 MB)

2. Infectonator Hot Chase

Trust me. I wouldn't recommend two games from the same developer at the same time if it's not addicting. This is another game by Toge Productions (the same game developer with above) and it's another zombie apocalypse game. But the difference is that this time you gotta run with the zombies, not just stay in one place. The running concept is pretty much similar with the famous Subway Surfer, but you have to help the zombies to survive by eating humans along the run. You cannot get hit by a car too or else your zombies will die instantly.

This is the main menu of Infectonator Hot Chase. Just like Infectonator, it has a news reader giving you some fun facts.

Run, zombies, run!

Laboratorium, where you can upgrade your zombies, view your achievements, etc. Pretty much the same as Infectonator.

Download on Google Play (15 MB)
Download on iTunes Store (18 MB)

3. Hatchi

If you want a tamagotchi on your phone with the exact same display and gameplay as the old classic tamagotchi you had when you were a kid, this is the game for you. On the early game you will be given an egg for you to hatch and take care of. You have to feed it, play with it, and shower it. It runs in real time, so even though you close the game, your hatchi pet will still be alive. After a few days taking care of your hatchi pet it will evolve depending on their needs stat.

Tap the Hatchi egg to hatch!

On top of the Hatchi egg you will see 6 different kind of bar. Hunger, hygiene, smart, active, energy, and happy. This bar is the status of the pet, and you'll have to fill it all the time.

Feeding my Hatchi pet some chicken meat so that it won't starve. :3

Read him a book so that his smart bar will increase :*

Above is the display of mini games you can play with your Hatchi pet. The mini games are simple games such as Tic-tac-toe, memory games, etc. This is to earn some coins, which you can use it later for your Hatchi's display background, or just simply to buy some things for your Hatchi, like new food, new eye color, etc. After you play the mini games your Hatchi's active bar will be full.

This is a very light size game, so this is definitely a must-have for those phones with low internal storage or RAM.

Download on Google Play (11 MB)
Download on iTunes Store (31.8 MB)

4. The Blockheads

The Blockheads is a survival simulation game. You are a blockhead and you are in a world with nothing. All you can use is the thing around you, which is dirt, some leaves, and the nature. What will you do? Do you make a shelter first, or do you find some food to eat first?

This game is pretty much similar to minecraft, except that this is not first person view like minecraft is. You cannot die in this game, which is the good part and the boring part but harmful animals, exhaustion, and hunger will still attack you. You can craft a boat and sail onto seas, dye clothing, open a shop and find treasures in mine. You can also play online, but too bad you have to pay for it :/

This is the main menu, and that is my blockhead. She has pretty and colourful clothes too. And because it's almost christmas, i give her a santa hat to wear :P

This is pretty much what you can do to survive. A home under the ground, some pools to enjoy, and workbench for you to craft any kinds of things. It's your blockhead, it's your game, so what kinds of houses you want depend on your own crafting; you made it yourself.

This is the display of status bar you're going to fill. There's health, happiness, hunger, energy and environment. Health is your HP. Your health will not decrease as long as you're not hit by harmful animals. Happiness bar depends on your energy and environment. Hunger bar is where you can see how hungry your blockhead is (duh), and energy is, well, energy bar. Environment bar is a bar where you can see how your blockhead likes where his/her position is. If you're in a safe place with lots of lights, the environment bar will be full. But if you're in a dark place with nothing but fear and danger, the environment bar will drop. But it doesn't affect your blockhead much, though. So i'm not paying my attention on that.

There is also a meditate and sleep button. Meditate button is for your blockhead when you want your bar to increase without sleeping.

The inventory display

Climbing a tree to get coconuts.

Download on Google Play (62 MB)
Download on iTunes Store (54.1 MB)

There you go. I hope you enjoy my 4 cute and fun pixel game recommendations, and tell me if you know more fun pixel games to play with! And here's a christmas song from Karmin called Sleigh Ride that i really love to celebrate this year's Christmas with you, all my readers!

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