It's unexplainable how in love i am to pixels. Pixel is incredible, and people who can make pixel arts is far more incredible. Making pixel arts is a lot of hard work, you know. I've tried once making pixel arts, and i surrender right away...

*not proud* .___.

Do you even know that in order to make pixel arts, they have to put every single squares of pixels one by one to form an art? Do you know that the placement of every pixels have to put in order to make a perfect shape? Do you even know that this picture beside, have how much pixel squares in it? Let alone pixelated game developer. *bow downs*

Because of how much i am in love with pixels and how respect i am to those pixel-maker-gods, i tried searching some pixel games on my phone (i am a hardcore phone junkie), i found a lot, and i have tried it all. But i listed 4 of the cutest from all and i guarantee you is as much fun as how cute the appearance is.
Last years' christmas i showed you a tutorial about how to add snow storm effect on your blog. Two years' ago i showed you a basic tutorial of basic snow effect + some cute christmas cursor as a bonus.

How about some different effects now?

In this tutorial i will show you a few simple steps to add falling flower petals to your blog.
This effect is so pretty, and it's very suitable for vintage lovers or pink lovers. Any will do.

Demo is on my tumblr.

The only thing you have to do is paste this script code right below on <head> code :

then, click Save.

For modern blogger template, you only have to :

  • Go to dashboard > design > add a gadget > HTML/javascript
  • Copy dan paste the code on the HTML/Javascript windown you opened
  • Click save to blogger.
That's it. I hope you enjoy this simple tutorial about adding falling petals to your blog. I will try to keep posting tutorials for you guys.

May you have a joyful and wonderful christmas this year~

Brandy Elliot, a sim living in Bridgeport all by herself trying to find some fame and popularity to feed on her everyday life. Her goal is to seduce all the man as much as she can because she believe she got it. That's why she got no friends when she move from Neville, because every girl hates her guts, while every boy cries for her departure.

She's flirty, a great kisser, irresistible, but somewhat develops a diva and dramatic traits, perfect for becoming a celebrity star.

Her formal wear is elegant yet sexy, making her a beauty out of beauties. Gold hoop earrings just makes her formal wear a perfection, and ready to smize everyone with her crystal clear hazel eyes.

A seductive queen is incomplete without a red hot lingerie. Straps and lace going on, and hair all up-do to a nice bun, ready to rock. Which male can resist such hotness?

Exercise time! Looks is nothing without a smoking hot body, so Brandy didn't forget to exercise regularly and put on her pedometer so she can control her calories.

Summer is all about bikinies, Brandy knows this well, so she gotta put on a very minim bikinis to show her abs and big boos to everybody. No one seems to complain, though.

Snow and fogs fillin up December, which Brandy uses to wrap her bodies with lots of layers. She put on a very elegant and mature coat with denim jeans to have this elegant yet trendy look and completes it with a glasses so that fogs wont hurt her eyes. Boots are essential, too.

But how?

To be honest, i'm just a young student, trying to find lots of knowledge by going to Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia. And living in a capital city isn't as easy. Despite being paid for my college fee and rent, I still have to pay for my own food, pay for my own transportation, pay for every cent of my homework project; and i tell you, studying design is NOT cheap at all. I have to save a lot of money so that i can survive every single day.

A person like me uses smartphone all the time. I use it for chattings, social media, and as you know it, playing games, the most. And for a person who loves to play games available on phone, i found it a shame that many of the fun games have to be paid on the Google Play Store. Therefore it is such a great thing for me when i found this application introduced by my sister's boyfriend.

Introducing Blackmart Alpha, a black market application for downloading paid items for FREE.

It has thousands of paid and non-paid applications for you to download, and it's easy to install. How easy? Let me teach you.

First, you have to download an .apk format file from the link i give at the bottom of the post. You see, .apk format file is a format file for application installer. It works kinda like .exe file, while .exe runs a program for you, .apk install an application for you. (long unnecessary speech to clarify that this is not a virus you're downloading because some people are just plain skeptical).

When you're done downloading, run the downloaded file. It probably should look like this :

Install the application, and when it's done, it looks like this in your menu :

Now when you open the application, it will probably ask for an update. Well update it. After the application updated, check the About section, and it probably should look like the picture above on the right.

When you're done checking for the version, download away~

Asphalt and SwiftKey Keyboard is an paid application on Google Play Store, now it's ready to install.

Pros :
- You can download paid applications and games
- The display is neat and you looked like a real market list
- You can download cracked app
- Small size of file

Cons :
- Too much ads going on. Nobody likes ads.
- There are some applications that doesn't work after installed.
- Sometimes the app forces you to close.

Overall i think this is not a bad idea if you want to play some games or use some paid apps for free. There are nothing to lose, and it's virus-free, i've tried it for myself, so why not.


- I DID NOT encourage you to download everything for free. It's better if you actually pay for it. This is just merely a review for an application i use, so it is not an encouragement.
- I've used this application on my phone which is an ANDROID phone, so i don't really know if Apple users can also use it or not.
...and it's not good. As you guys know the end of 2013 has come which means final exam for my college semester. While my other colleagues are busy trying to find a topic for their final college essay, i was wasting my day and night playing games.

I know, typical Susan, right.

But i just can't resist the temptation of new games! New games = FUN. I guess what makes it fun is my curiosity.

There are currently two games that i'm addicted to, and both are introduced by my boyfriend. He just went back to his hometown (Bangka Island) for two weeks and his little brother introduced him to the games. And like a chain reaction, his little brother to him, and from him to me.


To be honest, it's both an advantage and disadvantage to have a boyfriend that likes games. The advantages is you'll know a lot of games from him, and the disadvantages is the same. You'll know a lot of games from him. Well if you happen to have a lot of leisure time, good for you and i should have said i couldn't wish for more on my boyfriend, but if you're busy, and about to do a college final essay that determines whether you're gonna graduate or not, i think.... nah.

(and here i am ranting about a gamer boyfriend while my boyfriend probably rants about me too for being such a gamer and probably in his whole life, maybe even just once, have wished for a more feminine girl lol)

(i don't care)

(G4meRzZ RuLe)

----- DOTA 2 -----

Some of you maybe heard it, some of you maybe don't. I see there are a whole lots of blogger are females, so i suppose not much know. This game is similar to a war game (command and conquer, stuff like that) but the thing is we don't build tanks or soldiers or whatever to fight, we chose heroes. And by heroes i mean mystic and non-mystic heroes, like Zeus, Bane, Wind Ranger, etc etc.

There are a total of 100+ heroes you can choose whilst playing the games, above is just some of them.

The gameplay needs good strategy skills, fast reflex and intelligence.

I've start playing last friday so i still have a lot to learn. But apart from dying and all, didn't intend to brag, i can play with bots already and set the difficulty to unfair (which is the hardest one) *proud*

Okay asian father which i don't have a relation on whatsoever, i'm sorry.


If you guys don't know DOTA, i'm sure you guys won't know this one either. It's a local online game, and looking at the picture above you guys probably can guess that it's an FPS (First Person Shooter) game. It's a lot like Counter Strike, but my interest to this game somehow a little bit decreased cause there's just a lot of gamers who cheat in this game. And by cheat i mean using some kind of program to trigger headshot everytime you shoot, track your enemies, and earn money illegally.

This is an example of Point Blank gameplay.

So this kind of game needs you to shoot as many enemies as you can, and if you're shot, you're respawn in like 4 seconds and it repeats again. Fast reflex are absolutely needed in this game, but if you're a dum-dum or something like that, no worries. This is a perfect game for you. :D

Not saying that everyone who plays this game is a dummy though.

I've just started playing this game last Friday too, and i'm starting to get bored. Honestly Left4Dead 2 is better because there's no cheater there.

Think that's all, stay tuned for my next post.