Virtual Family 2 Review (Free Download Link)

Hi guys! What's up? So in previous post i promised you a review of games that is similar to The Sims on Android phone, isn't it? Well i didn't forget. I am now introducing you to Virtual Family 2.

Where is Virtual Family's 1 review?

Well i thought maybe i just review straight to Virtual Family 2 instead because the game's system didn't quite change, and the difference between 1 and 2 is only the features and events and FUN so yeah.

What is Virtual Family actually?

Well, Virtual Family basically is a simulation games where you have to take care a family and lead their generations and feed them so they can stay alive. There will be lots of little mission to achieve, and along the game you'll find tons of fun things to enjoy at. For example, besides taking care of the little person, you can collect bugs and leaves and coins. And there will be times where funny letters will come and events will occur.

At the beginning the game will display a certificate of adoption where you get to choose characters based on your liking and specification. There will be name, age, profession, salary, wants kids, and likes and dislike bar displayed. Usually person with good salary and wants kids bar will have a better life, so choose wisely.

After that your person will be sent to a large abandoned home and from then on you'll have to help him/her to renovate the house and find a mate to live together with. How do you find a mate? Well, that's easy. You just have to check for incoming mail :D

Sooner or later enough, there will be a marriage proposal from the opposite sex for you. Look out for the age and salary; if it's good, accept it. If it's not your liking, don't be afraid to reject, there's gonna be plenty of proposal later on. But watch out for your age; it gets older eventually.

This game is based on real life time, so even though you exited the game, it will still processing. So don't abandon your little family for too long for it might be dead once you check it again.

Overall i find this game entertaining, and i hope this little review might make you think it is too :3

This game is available for both PC and games, but i would definitely recommend playing it on PC because it's hard to actually look at the little person in the phone :(

But if you're the type of person who uses phone more than PC, here's the download link for Android and Apple :

Google Play Store (50 MB)
Apple Itunes Store (47.7 MB)

PC Version :

Torrent Download (87.71 MB)

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