My Phone's Thingies

Hi guys, i'm just going to make a quick update about my current phone condition..

I'm thinking about sharing it to you guys because i am very satisfied with it right now. I really really like it, and i wanna share my happiness to you guys :3


So previously in this post i said how i wanted a pink case, right? Well, there was no pink case available in any gadget store so i had to find it online. There were lots of cases available, but i can't seem to find a pink case that really make my heart fall...

Then i found this.

I contacted the seller right away and i got to buy this for Rp.136.000,- which is around USD$11.00, USD$21.00? idk, i don't know how to count.
Anyways this package came faster than i expected, and i excitedly open the package right away. Here is what it looks like on my phone:

I can't help but to scream in joy when i see the case on my phone. It's soft pink, and just exactly what i wanted the colour to be. Plus it's a flip cover, so i don't have to worry about scratched screen ever again.

Back display

I've decided that this phone case is a bit plain itself, so why not add a pluggie to kawaiify the phone. So i search for pluggies online..

There are so many choices to choose from! These are just a few of them..

I almost decided to just fuck this and buy them all! But it costs about USD$4.00 each so i can't. T.T
In the end i have to choose between the 4th and the 5th one, and i decided to buy the 4th one.

Here is the look :

The ribbon's leg broke the day after i bought it T______________T
i almost cry but, what the hell. The rest is still look so cute, especially the fluff.


That's about the phone's body, now for the display.

I put cat stickers in between the Oppo logo because the cat stickers is just too cute, if you guys catch on my Instagram you'll know.
And as for the display here is the screenshot :


The first thing i do when i lay my hands on this shit is to tweak and tweak and tweak the themes, fonts and all because default themes always looks hideous (but i must say default iphone themes looks good and trendy :-/).

The font i used in my gadget is called 日文手写体 (ri wen shou xie ti) from the font application called iFont (official website link). It got some fine fonts available there. Just go to Google play Store and install it it's free.

Not only it change the English font it also change Chinese font and Japanese font, all in one pack.

iFont on Google Play Store.

For anyone else who want to know anything else from my homescreen display just comment below i'll gladly help :3


Anyways, to end this post i've also screenshot my games' folder for you guys to see :3
I've uninstalled so much games before so it's just two folders left.

Toodles! :D

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  1. The pluggies are very cute I think I'll buy some for my phones too! And does it fall or it stays fixed? I wouldn't want to lose it haha :)

  2. It stays in the phone very well because the pluggies are very tight! So you don't have to worry about it :D