3 RPG games on Android that i find very awesome (free download link)

Whenever i have free times i always spend it on playing all sorts of games, whether it's on computer or on the phone. But ever since i got my new Oppo Find Way which have 16GB of phone memory inside it, i downloaded lots of lots of games like crazy. I have tons of folders packed just for storing my games, and i play almost all of them (because if i didn't find it fun i would uninstall it right away regardless how big my phone memory is).

I love simulation and RPG games mostly, because it lets you control your characters on how it looks like or how it behave (that's why i LOVE the sims so much). So i wanna share with you 3 of my favourite RPG games on my Android that keeps my time killed over and over again! :D

1. Arcane Legend

I've done a review about this RPG games before, you can see the review here. I'm going to re-talk about this again, but only in general.

This is my one of three favorite RPG games because the coolest thing about this game, is that it's RPG, and it's online, in a phone.

This is the only RPG Android online game i find very amusing, without all the annoying registration shit and such. You can easily log in with facebook, or if you have extra time, you can just sign up with your email and password, and it's done. It doesn't give you email spam, hourly notifications, or any annoying stuff you don't want in an android game. What's more is that you didn't have to spend real money to actually strenghthens your warrior, because you can easily find loots and items when you defeat enemies. What more to ask for? You can even play with your friends, all over the world!

I can't really calculate the application's size because at start it was around 6 MB but later on you still have to wait for patch download. Probably ends up 25-45MB in the end, typical Android games' size. But not bad for an online game, right?

Warrior defeating enemies, and quests are provided to give you experience and gold.
Make sure to choose a good username! :D

If you find this game a bit battery consuming because of the online and stuff but you wanna keep playing it, you can download it and play it with Google Chrome, because this game is dope as shit, that's why.

Android Google Play Store [LINK]
Hello Apple User [LINK]
Google chrome [LINK]

2. Zenonia 5

Actually there are also Zenonia 1,2,3 and 4 but i prefer Zenonia 5 because Zenonia 5 has the best graphics and storyline.

Zenonia 5 opening

The thing i like about Zenonia 5 is that the characters and enemies; literally everything is as cute as hell. It's like tiny little figure walking, and the whole game is so aww. But don't underestimate the cuteness, this game actually is quite challenging, with the storyline and quests and all. I played this game till i was like idk, level 35? And i gave up for a while because leveling up is hella hard, but ended up wanting for more and plays it again.

The only bad thing about this game is that, there are some items like identifying stone or ressurection that requires real cash to purchase. Boohoo. :( Besides that this game is all about fun. You should try it, though, the size is around 45 MB without additional file downloads.

Farmer zombie, because fuck logic, that's why.

Android Google Play Store [LINK]
Hello Apple User [LINK]

3. SOL E.X (Stone Of Life)

SOL's opening.

Of all the 3 RPG games above, i play this the most. Not because it's online, or it's cute or whatever, but it's because it is by far the most simple RPG games i've ever played. And by simple i mean you don't have to sign up, you don't have to do anything and all, and you can just go play. The thing i like the most about this game is that every 3 hour you get free gold (gold that you need to purchase with cash) so even without purchasing with real cash, you can actually buy exclusive items. And every day you get to have legend items sent by the game for you. How cool is that, right? And every now and then you can also loot exclusive items, so if you have great luck you don't have to actually wait for the hourly gold to buy what you want. That's what makes me so impressed with this game, because of all the free things. This game is generous bitches!

I didn't say this game's graphic is not cute, of course it's still cute! Only not cuter than zenonia, that's all. But like zenonia, everytime you change your equipment, the character's clothes change with it too, so you can say it's still kawaii desu. I once got this bunny hat, and when i equip it, the character looks like bunny and it's funny as hell lol. Oh, and plus, this game allows you to choose between girl and boy at the beginning, so for you girls who likes to play this kind of RPG games, no more sexist choices YAY!

I don't really know how high the top level is but i heard my friends had reached 100+ levels or something.
Dope man.

Android Google Play Store [LINK]
Hello Apple User [LINK]

So i think that's pretty much it. If you guys have any more RPG games that you would want me to know just comment below! And stay tuned for next post, i will talk about simulation games on Android similar to the Sims and i will post a short updates about current games installed in my game.

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