2 LINE Games That I'm Addicted To (free download link)

I've never liked games provided by chatting applications before, never. I think it's kind of lame because it's sponsored by a chatting application. I mean, if your main purpose is to make an application that provides chatting, then just be it. Why do you have to make games also?

But come to think of it, i was kinda stupid thinking that way. In fact, my stupidity was proven when i started to get addicted to these two games, provided by LINE.

I guess you guys already know what LINE is, right? LINE is like the cutest chatting app ever, because they give you cute stickers and stuff (click LINE for more info). And these two games i'm going to show you below, is two of my favorite game in Android. I know it's my favorite when its starting to make me addicted to it.

Some stickers provided.
This rabbit is one of the well-known characters in LINE, Cony.
She's usually paired up with Brown the bear and creates couple-ish stickers.

1. LINE Pokopang

LINE Pokopang is a revolutionary puzzle game. The storyline of this game is that monster had come to animal's village to invade. Your main purpose of this game is to help pink bunny BONI (the character shown at pic above) to join 3 or more colour blocks together. The exploded blocks will then fire some veggies to attack the monsters. You can also upgrade your veggies to improve the attack strength using cherries and ask some animal to help you attack the monsters. There are lots of monsters to defeat, and its all up to you to help them!

Overall i think this game deserves a five star, because it is really really fun. This game let's you compete with your LINE friends to see who has the highest score. You also don't have to worry you're going to over play this game because it only provides you 5 clover/lives to play (you can play more if your friends fives you extra clovers/lives).

First i thought this is going to be like any other games that i played (easy come and easy go). But i am already playing this game for almost a month, but i still can't get over it because of how fun this is.

This game got my ★★★★★. Very recommended.

Available at Apple Store and Google Play Store.

2. LINE I Love Coffee

This game is similar to Restaurant Story or Bakery Story, only it's a coffee shop, and the graphic is SUPER KAWAII. I mean just look at the picture above, right? You can also change your character's clothes which i super love, interact with the customers, and learn how to brew coffee in this game.

The game lets you learn how to brew coffee. Very smart.

The only problem i found in this very game is that some of the process of making coffee is too fast (5-15 minutes) so i don't have time to do other things and it's kinda disturbing because come on, you're not going to spend your whole life playing this, right? And most of the cute clothes requires real cash to purchase too, so it's a big dissapointment.

This game got my ★★★★. Still addictive although there's some flaws.

Available at Apple Store and Google Play Store.

So that's it! Comment below on what do you think about both of these games, and let me know if you got more fun LINE games for me to play! :D

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  1. I have never heard of the first LINE game before! I'll have to check that out... and probably download it on my iPad instead of Android device to save space. c;
    My friend was raving to me about the coffee game! I forgot about it until now. Thanks for reminding me. c;

    The only LINE game I play is called LINE Play LOL. But I'll definitely have to check out the other two~

  2. the line's games are always so cool! i haven't played all of them yet but the ones i did were amazing~that is sad they only work with wi-fi :( i would like to play them offline too

  3. you should try playing LINE PLAY! It's like a mobile blog also~ ^^

  4. @Meaghan : haha yea you should check it out! It was both very addicting to play ~
    I've played LINE play before but i'm not that into it because it doesn't really do anything except changing clothes and decorate rooms :/

    @Sun : aww yea, LINE games all need connection :(

    @Angelina : I played it but i don't find it fun :( But the avatars are seriously very cute though! Haha

  5. I wish I have an android phone so I can try these apps. :/

  6. What device are you using hun? :>

  7. I've tried LINE and I've tried other games on my phone too (Samsung Galaxy Ace 2), like Fairy Farm, Candy Crush, Temple Run and some others I forgot already. I played them for a month or so but eventually got bored. The only thing I'm playing now on my phone is "My Home Story" decorating and playing house :D. The stuff they have are so cute but yes some of it like all the other games need real cash but for me I'm more into MMORPG. I get addicted to those really bad :(

    Btw, can I ask what font is that from the "I love coffee" game that says "Level 2 Test for Cafee Americano? Get a total...." I so like it, if you don't mind my asking. Thank you

  8. @Karen : Yeah, i hate games that needs real cash to move on. But we can't blame them for asking cash, they needs cash to develop games too :P Just don't ask too much, that's all.

    BTW about the font, that's a system font where the font is already attached to the device inside. In my previous device (which is LG Optimus L9) it's called LG Travel, so i don't really know where to find it online, i'm sorry :(

    But there's a lot of font similar to that type, for example cooky, try searching that one! :D