Pom Gets Wi-Fi Review (Free Download Link)

Lately i find this game lurking around the internet for quite a while now and i'm curious about what is so good about this game so i gave it a try. Here's a little bit review on Pom Gets Wi-Fi, a short game about how a pomeranian dog desperately trying to get wi-fi for her internet-centered life.

It starts with Pom, the pomeranian dog browsing social networks like usual in her master's home, then suddenly fire starts burning in her house and she ended up in heaven. Of course, with her being an internet user the first thing she finds when she got into heaven is wi-fi, despite she had been died. The whole main purpose of the game is to find her a wi-fi, and along her quest she is assisted by her dog friend called Shibe.

The spice to this what seems to be a boring game is that Pom is a fujoshi, and she talks like a regular internet person would type on the social networks, like "da fuq" or "jfc" or "OMFG" and things like that. Along the game you can also see she's kind of a annoying, ignorant and a selfish dog, but kind of funny because her way of act reflects on what usual people on internet would do.

Pom annoys the hell out of the other dogs.

Pom being fujoshi and all, you gotta love this game.

After awhile, you'll realize that there's no way to find any wi-fi in heaven except you defeat the "God in dog heaven" (well, the name of the God in the heaven is DOG, kinda ironic because it's just GOD spelled backwards pfft) and make all the heaven falls apart. After defeating the Dog, Shibe will try to convince you again that it's not a good idea to make heaven fall apart just for getting wi-fi.

From there, you have to decide.

Now you see, this game actually has two endings.

First ending, like the entire story line, you defeat Dog, then Shibe, and you get your wi-fi back. I finish this game with Pom got her wi-fi back within an hour, but it turns out after getting wi-fi everyone Pom knows in the heaven; including Shibe, her friend who assist her along the journey dissapears, since after defeating the Dog, Pom becomes the god and she can do whatever she wants.

This ending somehow give me unsatisfied feeling of the whole game.

I mean i want her to get her wi-fi, but i certainly dont want everyone to dissapear, after all the dog she's been friending with along the whole game, especially Shibe. Shibe is a really nice dog who had been endured Pom for a long time, and i wont want Shibe to die. You'll see what i mean when you play this game.

Second ending is that you can choose to not attack Shibe when he tries to stop you. He'll get your head clear that after all the things she had gone through to get wi-fi, she got a lot of friends by helping other dogs and all, instead of just spending her life online.

So in short, besides of the whole charming and funny game, this game actually have a moral story for us. You can actually do a lot of things instead of spending time on internet doing pointless things. I personally like this game a lot, because it's a really cute game, yet it's not just cute, but it delivers a very important moral message to us all. It is a very well planned game, and whoever made this game clearly knows what they're doing.

Overall i really recommend you to try, since the game is not that time-consuming and not hard at all to navigate. The size of the game is unusually small too, so for you guys out there who worries that this game will lag when you play, fear not.

Here's the download link (57.2 MB)


Credits to RMN.

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