Don't Starve Game Review

A few weeks ago my boyfriend's computer been having a problem with blue screen. Apparently after all the computer parts were checked, there are some damage to the VGA card, motherboard, and the hard disk because of frequent inappropriate computer shut down and unstable power supply flow. So the computer parts were being replaced and that explains my hiatus for a month.

Also lately i have been busy doing internship at a design firm called Lorem Design. It's a requirement for my final college assignment in order to graduate. So far the internship is fun, but because my office is a little bit too far from my dorm (about 30 minutes trip) it kinda tires me. So everytime i got home from my office i'm already like too tired to do anything, even eating, so i just lay in my bed till i sleep like a ugly fuck. That's why i can probably update my blog every once in a week, but i suppose that's enough since i don't have any time to play games let alone review them. But of course, i'll try my best :3

This time i'm going to introduce you a game called Don't Starve.

This game is a survival freeplay. The main and only purpose of this whole game is to survive as long as possible. Sounds easy? Actually not. There are MORE than just keeping your character from starving, which is you also have to take notice of their insanity, health, and those hostile enemies. So basically you have to collect ingredients and material for you to survive, then crafts and cook various items to keep you away from hunger or make you stronger. Like, for example, making a log suit, or a grass suit, or cook a ratatouille, etc.

Besides all that, look at the game graphics. Isn't it just lovely?
It's like Tim Burton, only a little bit normal-ish style.

the game's character are a bit more chibi than picture above.

There are many characters for you to choose from, each with different skills and abilities. Some are helpful; some are stupid; some even makes you die quicker lol. But of course of all the fun from choosing characters, you have to unlock each of them first. When you die, you'll get experience which can level you up. And every time you level up, new character unlocked. You'll get Wilson at the beginning of the game, which can grow a magnificent beard over time; somehow not helpful in any way at all. I personally love Willow the fire girl though :3 You'll meet this girl when you reach level 2.

One thing that makes this game my current favorite is that it's so surreal. There are animals based on real world, then there are some which is not. Monsters' what i'm talking about. And each monsters loot something every time they die or you kill them, which makes the game very very challenging. It's fun to watch too because some monsters appear unexpectedly, and some are so cute you gon' die. You got no house, and there are monsters lurking everywhere. What is more challenging than that, am i right.

Just when things are not scary enough, let me introduce you to the day-night cycle. And yes, this does affect on how tough you can survive. Sure, when it's day time your survival is nice and all, but have you met night time yet?

You probably thought when night comes the game display probably just turn darker and some monsters come out but you can still see everything; WRONG. When night time comes and you didn't make fire pit you'll see no shit. And by no shit, i mean completely black. You can't even see your character. And then there comes something, attacking you, until you die. Until your game's over. And you have to repeat all over again. So you really have to plan everything up in this game, not just walk around and see what's gonna happen. You gonna play like you really are surviving.

When night comes and you didn't prepare a fire pit.

So that's pretty much it, overall this is a very VERY fun game to play. I recommend this game so much because it's literally a horror, cute and thriller packed into one, into this awesome game. Comment below on what you think about this game!

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