8 Reasons Why Playing Games Is Good For You


There are tons of people in this world who doesn't play games. Different reasons and explanations are blurted out from their mouths saying playing games is not good for you, it's a waste of time, and damages your health. Lots of parents are limiting their kids not to play too much games, and i have lots of girl friends who think playing games are lame and useless too. You know, i completely disagree with their assumptions. Of course overdose of playing games is not good for you. Everything that is done too much are not good for you. For examples, over eating, over sleeping, even over work. But is that makes playing games a bad thing for you? Of course not. In fact, according to researches, those who doesn't play games have a higher stress levels than those who do. So i'm here to give you 10 reasons why playing games is good for you, instead of harming you.

1. Games makes you happy.

The most essential reasons that games are created by human kind is to entertain you. Games are not just about violence and killings, of course. You can find lots of games that have funny stories included in it to keep you happy. So whenever you're dealing with emotions or simply boredom, you can always play a game or two.

2. Games can reduce stress and depression.

2009's Annual Review of Cybertherapy and Telemedicine included a study that found that gamers who suffered from mental health issues such as stress and depression were able to vent their frustration and aggression by playing video games — and showed a noted improvement. The study hypothesized that games gave certain "Type A" personalities time to relax in "a state of relative mindlessness" that allowed them to avoid reaching "a certain level of stressful arousal" as they tried to relax. (Source)

3. Physical activity required.

Who says playing games are just about sitting and exercising fingers? Tons of games requires you to move. The most obvious example is Xbox 360; a game console with kinect that requires you to play using movements. You can play anything you want with it; guitars, tennis, even dance. You can use it to exercise at home, with fun! So whoever says playing games is not healthy clearly never play Xbox, or just merely don't know what they're talking about.

4. Problem Solving.

Almost every game have a storyline for you to enjoy, which requires your decision on how you should end it. Therefore, you are taught to solve problems, which of course will be useful for daily activities in real life.

5. Games improve your languange skills.

This is one of my favourite reasons to play games. Games improves your vocabulary and grammar skills. I played games my whole life; and i played it well. Since then my English never been so good, always pass my English test with flying colors, flying colors everywhere. And to top off the fun, you can even learn how to talk like gangsters, Australian, or even British lol. How's that not good for you, mate?

6. Teamwork.

Anyone who suffers from working with others should try playing multi-player games. From there you are learned to work with people, and make decisions together, instead of alone.

7. Games bring families together.

There are nothing better than playing games with your family, and spend some quality time. From playing games you can bond your relationship with your family, and even make a good teamwork like i said on number 6. Of course, your mom and dad won't be so left out too after playing games with you, or even better, can trust you because they know what you're doing from involving it.

8. Games can earn you money... If you know how to.

Whether you develop games, make a business out of games, or even review games, you can totally consider games as a way to earn money, and not just a hobby. I mean look at PewDiePie. He's a complete nerd in everbody's eyes, until he's popular, and earn cash from what he does. He totally got my respect because he do what he likes, and he can earn money from what he likes to do. Massive brofist to that guy.

Still thinks game is a lame thing to spend time on?

I don't encourage people to spend their entire life playing games, of course i don't. Life is not just about playing games. There are still social life and daily activities that you must fulfill, like go to school and study. I just don't like people assuming games is not a good thing to do, while they never really experience one. At least try one or two games for yourself. You might totally change your mind on the whole gaming thing.

Till then, i think that's pretty much it. Comment below on how you think about playing games! :D

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  1. I totally agree with you. Superb. I play all kinds of game, off or online, name it. :))