Diary of a Stray Cat (Part 2)


by m. lewandowski

Read PART 1 here

My brothers said that i'm a very timid cat. I'm afraid to take risks and go for an adventure. They all catched a bug or mice at least one time while i never stepped out of safe zone. But how could i ever brave myself and face the world out there after what had happened to my last brother who got hit by a machine called car? I am frustrated even thinking about that incident, and i'm sure mom is, too. None of them witnesses him died, and mom hides the truth from them all, not wanting them to know cause mom knows they will all get scared like i do if they find out the truth. They all called me Tim, as in timid. And everytime my brothers calls me that they all laughed at the same time and all i can do is just stay silent, though my heart rages and aches, mom always told me to be patient, since mom knows i'm the most mature of them all. As for mom, she gets weaker by the day and her milk gets lesser, while we all gets older and older. I know soon mom will leave us all behind and go somewhere else, and i'm hoping it's a better place.

Only i don't know it will happen so soon.

That day it was raining, we all go hunting together with mom, we didn't catch much since the rain washes everything away, so we went home. But mom looked so bad and pale, she told us to go home first, saying that she'll catch us up later. When i ask where she wanna go, she just smiled at me and said "take care of your brothers". I know something could go wrong, but she insisted me go home first, cause rain is just being annoyance.

I waited so long, she never came back.

And by the time i fetch her up right at the place she bids me goodbye, i saw her lying there, lifeless.

I never felt so depressed in my life. My loved ones, my mother. The center of my life all this time, has gone. I am not even prepared for this day to happen. All my brothers gone speechless, but i know none of them felt the same miserable way as i do. I should have known she was sick all this time, and she shouldn't have hunt with us and got drizzled by rain. Then she won't be this sick and leave us. But life is life. No one can do anything, not even humans.

My brothers all went home for a rest. I still sit beside her dead body, looking at her face, licking at her paws and ears. I can only pray she had gone to a better place where places to sleep and food to eat is unlimited, and unmaterialistic.
I can only pray for the best.

I love you mom, i always will.

And i should have realized, my sufferings as a stray cat has just begun.

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