Currently playing : Harvest Moon Back to Nature for Girls PSP. Help!!!

This game never gets old. I still remember i played it first time at my PS1, and right away i knew i'm gonna get addicted to it. Played it on PC before, and now i'm playing it again on PSP. This game is a real challenge if you play it without any help from cheats :D

I've been playing for a while now and i'm in my first day of summer, first year. I'm trying so hard to win the swimming contest; I NEVER WIN. GOD kjsdhkajdaklsjafalk it's so hard to win that contest seriously. I've tried searching for any tips and strategies for how to swim correctly so that i could win but i can't seem to find any solution. Does any of you won this contest so far? If so, will you please teach me?

God i'm so desperate :'(

I don't even want to move on from the contest if i couldn't win it. I could have won a power berry you know!


Out of the topic, this is my first time playing harvest moon in girls mode. All this time i've always played it in boy mode, and i always cheat it so that i can marry girls as fast as i can. And now i play it in PSP i can't use any cheats at all, which leaves me with nothing but to work hard for the extra Gs. (G is like $ in Harvest Moon). And playing as girls, you got a whole new choice of bachelors to choose from; The Doctor, Cliff, Gray, Kai, and Rick. I've always loved Ellie and Doctor, so i thought i would want to marry Doctor. But turns out i got a crush on Cliff, cause apart from always being sad and gloomy in the church, he's a really sweet guy <3

This is the harvest moon version of Cliff.
Thanks neoseeker for the pic.

And when i browse Google for Cliff Harvest Moon i found some of his fanarts.

Here's sweet Cliff cooking for you~

Whoever drew Cliff into this beauty i salute you.

Getting steamy with my harvest moon girl.

Okay it's getting dirtier, i shall stop here.

Currently Cliff's heart for me is blue, which i guess still got 4 or 5 stages of heart to work for before he can finally propose to me, i think i got a shot cause i still have 2 years and a half to work on it. This game is just simple but it's just so addicting to play with the simple simulation and mission to reach for.

This is absolutely a legend game for me, and i bet for all the players who played this too.



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  1. as for me, I will always a special place in my heart for Gray hihi <3

  2. Gray looks so mysterious ;O
    But he's cute too though :3 He's my second choice heehee