Castle Crashers Review (Free Download Link)

I promised you guys before that i would post a review about castle crasher so here it is. People would normally play this on Xbox Arcade (i did a research) but i played this on PC. Some controls are unusual than the usual PC games since this is an Xbox games, but after a while you won't even notice the difference. This game's animation is cute, the characters are all small and round. There are no any muscle characters, despite that it's a fighting game. But at the same time this game brings some gore elements too like head got cut off, bloods everywhere...

But fear not, of course it's still cute. And you can turn off the blood effects as well so.

Cutie patootieee

It started from inside a horse-stable interior room with hays on the ground where people are partying and blowing horns, and then you are told to go outside the room. After going out you can see some black hooded witch dude stole a big ass purple diamond and fly away kidnapping four "lovely" princesses. Sorry i use quotation marks, i don't find them cute. In fact i find them a bit slutty, you'll see why when you play the game. -__-

Then your jobs in this game is too clear stages, take back treasure that is stolen and bring back those four princesses.

Screenshot of the soldiers fighting giant vikings.


Sorry. sorry. You have to play it yourself. It is really cute i'm not lying.

Then along the game you'll get to choose your weapons, each have their own plus points.

Characters, villains, weapons, items, and pets preview.
Try finding a fish in that weapon list lol.
I was like wuuuuuuutttt when i found that shit.

Finished all the stages already, and overall the joy and happiness this game bring to me i would give it 7 points out of 10, cause sometimes this games is so hard it pisses me off.


Here is the download link : [LINK] (torrent or direct download available)

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