And people call him KING


Fugly me and my precious feline partner.

Every morning when i woke up he would come at me and give me this irresistible look i cannot avoid and i will hug him and he would place his head on my shoulder and we would hug for a long time.
I love him so much, my feline best friend.

He's turning 1 year old now and he would occasionally go outside and get dirty. I don't want him to grow up, i want him to stay little and be my kitty forever. :(

Btw this is Xixi, he lives with me and my sis for a while but King took him as a competition and would scratch at him whenever possible so Xixi was sent away for protectio. :(
Bye Xixi, miss you.

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  1. Xixi is a girl san. its a she!

  2. you probably have sent xixi to me, I can be a good cat owner :D

  3. @Myx : but then xixi will be much much further away from me ;(