A little follow-up on what's happenin'

Hello to whoever still occasionally opens my blog. It looks like now i only remember this blog every two month once. Last two post was written in Feb, and the last one was in April.. And now i update again in June. Hahaha. Well what can i say?

Things have been going pretty well in my life. I've finished my exam.


Got time to play games, procrastinate and fatten myself, although i don't want to, and finally got spare time to blog. Hahaha. My college homework is stressful, you know.
Then the best thing that could happen within this whole time is that i got back with my boyfriend again.

WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! (more enthusiastic woo please)

it feels so good to know that the one you love is loving you back the way we love them and that no matter what we do we always gets a second chance from them, and they are willing to put the risk on believing at us again to try the relationship one more time. I feel whole again, of course, and i'm spending more time than before with him to maintain and strengthen our relationship, and making it better than ever.

I love him :')

Okay Susan try not to mess up again ok. I know I know. I won't.
*hugging my bf tightly*


Second big thing happening is that Jakarta was holding an event this June called Jakarta Expo where companies sell their stuffs in a big-ass hall and lots of companies were recruiting Sales Promotion jobs. I was intrigued by the fee they're offering and i worked at this Home Shopping Company for about two weeks. But then i resigned cause come to think of it the work is not worth the little fee i'm getting :( I would better of selling things online or blog myself off though to make some kachings. Hahaha. So i quit. And there you have a unemployeed, procrastinating Susan :D


But there's more to than just the fee though. The crowds. OMG you have no idea. I think there's like 30% of Jakarta people visiting there every day. Cause there's like so many halls combining into one and there are so many companies selling their stuffs there and it was like UHHH you can't even walk properly.

Here is the picture of the expo :

Credits to whoever post this. I found it on Google.

It was soooo, sooooo crowded. And i personally never like crowds; the reason i never like crowds is that
First, breathing problems. Not that i have asthma, but sometimes when i'm in crowds i have difficulty to breath some fresh air. Sometimes when i'm sue enough, i breathe in lots of perfume air, smokes, or even people's body odour. Eek. I hate it.
Second, assholes and bastards are unavoidable. And by assholes and bastards i mean those people who walk pass me and without hesitating they hit me whether or not i was blocking their way. In this case, aunties hold the most records in pissing me off with this kind of way. With big ass bags. And shopping bags. URGH. You know. It's like HEY AUNTIE YOU GOT EYES OR NOT.
Third, i'm feeling a little bit uncomfortable if i'm entering a shop then the employee was like "Boleh silahkan mau cari apa, ini yang terbaru loh cici coba pake ini deh bagus banget harganya murah banget loh cuman hari ini diskonnya kalo gak beli sayang kelewatan loh cici ayo dilihat dulu ci mampir dulu ntar saya ngomong sama bos saya deh kalau cici mau diskon lebih ini cocok banget deh buat cici" and was endlessly offering me something i'm not really that interested in. *roll eyes*

Besides the crowds and the fees, there are one last thing that makes me better off quitting. Is that the marketing and the demo staffs are douchebags. I sound like cursing every single person i encounter, but if you're in my position you totally understand what i'm talking about.

It's like when working hours, they never work. OK lah they duo duo shao shao work lah. But they ask us to not slack off, playing phones and talk, but they all do that. It's not that they don't have the rights to do it since they are all senior employees in that company, but if you want us SPG to do the same thing at least give us a good example la hor. Why the hell you nag nag nag then you yourself do it right? How is that seems fair to us you tell us la.

So in conclusion, i don't think next year i will work as SPG again in that expo although i'm short of money, really. I better off searching for freelance design jobs rather than become someone's kuli.


Third big thing is that last 25 June The Sims 3 launched their last expansion packs; The Sims 3 Island Paradise; which i think is SUPER AWESOME. Yes, of course i am still a game freak. Just like old people say : gou gai bu liao chi shi (dog can't change their habits eating shit, or so i thought the translation is) you can't just change your old habits that easily. Especially when your habits is not something bad. Playing games is not bad, okay. Except when it's starting to affect your school/jobs.

Here is a lil' bit of Island Paradise for you

Sims are now able to dive underwater and find treasures. B-D

Oh my god what's more better than that.
You can even turn your sims into a beautiful mermaid!!!

I'm speechless. Totally speechless.

I've downloaded and installed The Sims Island Paradise already and ready to play, but i don't fucking know what fucking happened my computer shuts down suddenly everytime i starts to play this shit.

Gonna fix it soon and gonna enjoy my holiday in the beach. In Sims.



Anyways for you twerps in next post i'm going to make a little review of every single Sims 3 expansion packs and stuffs available so you will have a picture of which sims EP and ES you would want to download and which is won't.

Sounds good?

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