Hi guys, whats up.

So apparently i've been ignoring my blog since february 22 (see last post) so i thought i'm going to colour things up a little bit by writing some new post here, though i'm not thinking that i should continue blogging anymore.

No particular reason, it's just i don't have any passion for blogging left.

Anyway, let's talk about how my life is going on. First of all, and probably this first things gonna go unbelievably long after, i broke up with my boyfriend. Yes, i am. I am not going to talk about why did i broke up with him in the first place, since it's not necessary to always talk about things on public blog. This break-up took most of my spirits away, and i'm on the process of healing myself up. It's been almost a month, yet i'm still on my emo mode. It's not that easy to just forget everything and start anew, you know. Although it's just a year of relationship, but i felt like i've been dating forever already. This guy has filled all my life with happiness, and now it's gone. It sounds corny, but until you felt it yourself, you'll know how it feels. To be in love and romantic, and the next day it all just went away, like a breeze in the dessert. I'd probably say that this is the most torturing break-ups i've ever had, in my entire life so far.

Having a break-up just recently doesn't make any of your activities better. All the things you do, it all reminds you of your memories with him. Even sometimes eating makes you remember. You can see how stressful my life is now. After all that lovey-doveys, even being alone is a challenge for me.

Well, i wanna rant more about how miserable my love life is, but everything just sounds so corny when i said it soo i think i'm going to end it right here.

My college life is okay-ish. I don't really have that much assignments this semester, and i can procrastinate as much as i want, since all the exams are theorys, not like last semester that have tons of drawing homeworks and computer homeworks. I helped my multimedia friends to make movies by becaming an actress on their projects, and i spent most of my nights shooting and going home very very late. Last saturday i went back home at 4AM in the morning. How crazy is that.

Kay i think that's all for now. I don't have anything to talk about.. My mind's are a mess.

Think i'm going to do a review about castle crashers later though. But again, maybe not.

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  1. aw bb like all bruises your prothrombin will be converted into thrombin and so blood will clot and your wound will be closed.

    i mean, uh, time heals all wounds :-)