Hi guys. Long time no see.

Awkward conversation starters...

But hey. Let's skip to the topic i was about to discuss.

So i found another cool game to play, but this time you need the mother internet. And yes i am talking about online game, but you can play it through your holy motherfudger phone.

It's epic.

It's legendary.


oh my god!


i'm sorry. i just want it to make it look cool. but i made too dramatic instead huh.

So this is like any other ARPG games. Name whatever ARPG. ragnarok, diablo, nox, loki, fate, etc etc..

The good thing is.

It's available in your phone, and it's size is so tiny winy that you don't have to worry about busting your batteries out.
Okay maybe a little, but it's onlineee!!!

So imma start describing how the game's plus.

At start, you are going to choose one of three characters for your own. There are three kinds; warrior, rogue, and sorcerer.

Boys will choose warrior, while girls will choose rogue, because that's the only girl character. But that's subjective. Sorcerer is the best character for me. Wish i knew earlier how awesome sorcerer is so i don't have to choose rogue -___-

Okay so after you chose your character, you are going to choose companion for your character; a.k.a a pet. A PET. and for the whole time your pet is going to follow you and help you attack baddies.


Besides all the awesomeness, you can choose outfits and weapon for your character too.
It's all ARPG based games, but who doesn't want a phone-sized online game. Right?


Oh yeah and by the way i promised you guys the free download link.

No bitchin. Here it is. Try it for yourself.

Android Google Play Store [LINK]
Available for your google chrome too!! [LINK]

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