Just had a deep conversation with my brother. He's having a hard time going through school and his grades are dropping, and my mom keeps scolding him for not studying, but i think it's not about him not studying cause i know his knowledge is far more than that and he's not some sort of rebellious kid in school (my bro starts liking science and biology things when he was in i dont know, elementary? So it's impossible my bro's science grade is dropping. But it is now. Unfortunately my mom's perspective of "education" is too narrow to see that logic so my brother got scolded repeatedly), but there's other problem that's stopping him from having good grades, so i tried talking with him, and i found some few problems about his schools.

First, the people.

There are some annoying people in his class, or should i say BULLIES, that bugs him and makes his school life sucks and of course, affecting his grades. They will call him names, and call him autist, just because he likes to draw whatever he likes (my brother likes drawing scientific things like aliens, nuclear stuffs). He became anti-social just because he is who he is. Well that reminds me to some memories few years ago when i was in middle high school and i was bullied by some girl-classmates who thinks they are the greatest in the class just because i fight with my best friends who turned out to be a traitor that got nothing to do whatsoever with those girls. Well that accident made me isolated by the whole school, including the teachers who dont give a fuck at all, and i got no one until Neti, my best friend till now who plays with me without judging me.

I dont get bullies.

I still dont, till now.

Why do people have to bully? You know there are tons of people here in Tanjungpinang who are nothing but bullies that talks behind people's back a lot. Oh, i don't know. Maybe they don't have BALLS to face the fear of getting confronted, or maybe my fucking beloved hometown is just too OLD, BORING and OUTDATED that people is so bored they have to find entertainment, and that is, gossiping, and hating people behind their back. No, not that i say bullies who hate in front of your face is good. You think by bullying people will worship you, and think you're the greatest? Oh, no, honey. That just shows how insecure you are about your entire life that you have to find some way to make yourself feel better and of course making people not worshiping you, not thinking you're great, but hating you, and of course, behind your back.

There are just too many bullies here, in my hometown. I dont know if there are a lot in yours too, but i think those species need help so much. It's not even normal, it's a disease. we all know that no one's perfect, so why should you fuss over someone's abnormal behaviour? We all are unique in our own way. That's what makes this world fun and colourful. If we all are following stereotypes, and therefore no nerds, no hippies, no emos, no goths, just a bunch of boring people with boring black suits and suitcase going to boring office, what world will it be? The point is bullying doesn't even shows how great you are, in person. It just make obvious that your life is pathetic, and you're lack of happiness and love, and you're just trying to make others suffer like the way you are, right now. How pathetic though. My advice? Go to psychiatric, or try talking to someone you trust, that's the easier way.

Second, the education. He said the teachers doesn't teach the way they should.

Surprise, surprise.

It's classic. They always don't. It's hard to find teachers that teach students based on the way it's supposed to.

Most are subjective teaching, and that is, teach based on what they know. Some are even worse, they give good grades only to those who have good relationship with them, or bonding with teachers just to get good grades.

TEACHER'S PET isn't named based on nothing, you know.Those kinds of teachers are the worst.

How could you give good grades to those who are nice to you only, and neglect those who have pure talent and knowledge kind? You teachers should wake up and give justice to the students who really are studying for grades, instead of paying attention to your "pets". Those pure talent innocent students are screaming for you to do the right thing, you know.Remember, your profession is your choice of life, and being a teacher is a big job, it's your decision to make this world a better place, or to ruin it. Those students who you ignore might be the ones who save the world later, you never know. Just like Albert Einstein, who got dropped out of school but turnes out becoming the most influential people in this world. You gotta be intelligence, don't be stupid. You're a teacher, not an idiot.

Sure being a teacher is not an easy task, you must deal with lots of naughty rebellious students who always makes ruckuss in class.everytime you teach, and you're glad that there are students that are "nice" enough to talk to you and do you some favor. But hey, guess what. There's nothing free in this world. Oh you think those students are nice to you because you're a wonderful teacher?


They're digging their gold of grades from your pants.

There are no students who like teachers the way they are, except you give good grades without homeworks and exams.

If you chose to be a teacher in the first place you have to deal with the consequences that no students will like you for nothing, and there will be tons of annoying students ahead boiling your blood veins. You shouldn't complain, shouldn't protest, cause you knew it will turned out this way. It's your job to sort out intelligently who are pure clever who are hyenas. And if you don't, you better off finding another career instead.


I realize that this world has became worser and worser, because of the people itself.

Nature ruining, global warming, stereotyping, ruled by richer people, the rich became richer and the poor became poorer, no justice anymore, more deaths occured to animals just because we're so selfish that we snatched resources from their precious habitats. Out of the topic above, but what has this world becoming?

The mayans are not wrong after all, this world has reached its end. End of humanity, end of love and peace, end of justice.

I don't see any estetics of this world anymore.

It's ugly. It's ruined.

Recently i've been into this bigfish game called Virtual Villagers 5 : New Believers created by Last Day of Work. It's a simulation game, and those who like Sims pretty much will like this game too. It's about taking care of your little people over time and see them improves. It's a real-time game, meaning that the game still continues although you quit it. I give this a 5 star, cause i love this games so much and the puzzles and mysteries inside this game intrigues me so much.

It starts by selecting 5 starting members for your tribe. Every single one of them have different skills for later usage, so i suggest you choose you 5 first members very wisely. Best if you choose 5 different members with 5 different skills, although there are 6 skills available. The skills are farming, building, researching, healing, parenting, and devotion.

It will look pretty much like the above.

Population : The amount of people that joined your tribe; there are 2 types of tribe in this village, the believers and non-believers. The believers are the one you can control, while the non-believers are the one who wears masks and you can't control it.

The non-believers with different colours of masks.

Food : Your food supplies for now. You have to keep calling your farmer to harvest or else you will ran out of food and your villagers will die.

Tech Points : Technology points is like money; only you earn it through researching and buying skills level. Over time you will have to upgrade those skills to level 3 for purposes.

Divine Energy : We are like God to them. And this energy controls how much energy we can use to cast powers. Energy grows over time with population. The more population you have, the more energy you can use.

God Power : God power is things we can do to the villagers. On the picture you can see butterflies, bees, and others. This means you can cast butterflies to the villagers' kids to play, or cast bees to the non-believers so that they won't disturb us.

Casting butterflies for the kids to play.

Name, Skill, Action : The Name, Skills, and Action bar are bar to show selected villagers' details.

My selected villagers are called Vahine and she's untrained because she's still a kid.

Here's a list of the puzzles and mysteries later you have to solve, i have solved it all :D

Skills levels, and God Power.

Virtual Villagers in map mode.

Remember to download this using torrent or else it will not work!
To download torrent, click here.

P.S :

There are a villager who i favorited, because she's such a bitch lol.

Her name is Mata.

Why did i call her a bitch?

Because she gets pregnant as soon as she had stop nursing baby. I mean what the hell. And she keeps changing partners as well. You can see on her details she's hugging a baby.
When i was on my way home, i noticed an old cat laying under a car. In an instant i felt like my heart was torn apart, seeing how rough his fur is and how his eyes explain all what he's been through all his life. And as a cat lover, i had to do this.

Diary of a stray cat
Today is my birthday. Finally after, i don't know.. 8 weeks, 9 weeks inside my mom's tummy? I was born. It is definitely colder here outside than my mom's tummy, but i'm so happy that finally i don't have to squeeze inside that cramped place with my other 3 siblings. I can't see a thing because my eyes hasn't opened up yet, but i can hear my other siblings meowing, crying, merging together into one loud sound with mine, because of the cold wind that rush through our little tiny bones. But i can only hear 3 meowing including mine.. I don't know what happen to the other one. I don't really want to find out. I'm so cold i can't even think about other things.

Mom keep licking us over and over till we're warm enough. I snuggle into mom's fur for warmth, and i drink mom's milk. It was delicious. I can't even think about living another day without my mom. Day by day passed and finally me and my siblings can see some stuffs. The house we're living is so pretty; it was made from a carton box which i can scratch my nails to. It's even bigger than my mom's tummy, and i can run very far from here where i stand to the land in front of me cause it's just so wide but i won't do that. I'm scared, and i want my mom. Also mom told me not to go to far for there is a lot of monsters out there, although mom herself always wander out there. But she said she had to, because she had to find some food so that she can feed us. And of course, i obeyed. But not for my older brother.

One night he told me that he was going to find some food for himself to eat on the outside. He said mom's milk wasn't enough for him, and we should find some food for ourselves, like mom did. He also said that the smell was incredible, that it's more delicious than mom's milk. I know it's true, but i still forbid him to go, for we're still all little kittens and we might not know what is out there. But he insist. He said if he found some he'll take it home and share it to all of us. He go without hearing my further forbids, and slip away while mom's sleeping. I follow him and keep telling him to change his mind, but he keeps walking, and even walk faster. I was concerned, and i stop where i think it's too far away already from my home. I watch him walk away, and the next thing that happened really traumatized me...

When he started to walk on the land where the colour is grey, some fast robot thing came towards him and give this loud honking sound, and crush him right away, in front of me. I was very shocked, and i cried as i watch my brother were crushed into pieces. His inner was everywhere the road. The robot screeched and stopped, and some big monster with two legged came out from that thing. I was so scared that i hid behind a trash can, and i can see that monster wrapped my brother with a clothing and bring him inside the robot, and drive away. I ran back to my house as fast as i could, tears flowing through my eyes. I couldn't believe my brother is gone, just like that. What the hell is that monster thinking? Why would he just kill off my brother like that? As soon as i got home i tell mom about everything. She was just shocked. She walked to the place where my brother was crashed, and just licked everything that is left over. I think mom was so sad, that she tried to lick my brother's left over hoping that he would came back. She cried and meow continuosly. Later that night she told me that robot thing is called a car, and she said the one that drives them are called humans. Cars are fast and they walk on the grey road, so we should avoid walking and wandering on that road. Also we have to keep away from humans as far as we could, because some are evil, and they might kill you anytime they want. I am starting to learn that i have born into a cruel, harsh world, where we have to protect ourselves or else, nobody else will.

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