This post is dedicated to the anonymous guest that requested me to write about how i download my sims 3. I don't know who you are, but i would like to thank you for giving me an inspiration and motivation to post at least something people would read. She (i assume it's a girl) also said that my emulator tutorial helped a lot, which made my day so much since when i was writing about it i thought that nobody would read that.

Thank you. Just, thank you. :"D

So anyway, back to The Sims 3.

Who doesn't know The Sims. The simulator game that lets you control people's life. This game drives me crazy, as it is the greatest game i've ever played. Name every sims game in this planet; The Sims 1, The Sims 2, The Sims 3, The Sims City, Sims for Nokia NGage, Sims Social on facebook, Sims on PS2; played it all. And right now, i'm into The Sims 3 so much, cause last 13 November EA games had released The Sims 3 Seasons Expansion pack. It gives you the ability to have four seasons on your The Sims 3, festivals, umbrella, tanning etc. IT'S AWESOME. I've promised to make a review about that, didn't i? I'm sorry i haven't got to review it yet, since my sims is such a nuisance; it lags the hell out of me. And i don't know what's the problem. I thought it's because the size, but it still doesn't make any difference despite how much expansion pack and custom content i have uninstalled. Boo :(

Back to Sims 3. For those of you who want to play it, of course, you can just purchase the original The Sims 3 on any game store for IDR 500.000 - 600.000 (Indonesia). But The Sims 3 is usually played by person around 13-20+ age, and for that amount of price it's just too expensive to purchase :( So unfortunately, you have to find download link for the game.

My collections of The Sims 3 and all of the expansion packs.

You can just google The Sims 3 free download, it will appear tons of download link for you. But for me, i have my own weapon for downloading gigantic-sized data, especially games like The Sims 3.

And what is that?

The name is µTorrent, and it is the easiest; fastest; most lightest download program i've ever known. The size of the program itself is only 800kb (wow!), smaller than a digital photo. It can also run in computer standby mode, which makes it easier as you don't have to turn on your monitor for as long as your download goes. And for those who likes to download big sized data on browser, quit it and change to µTorrent, as it is faster and more stable.

What makes me more in love with this program, is you can download it FOR FREE. YAY. And the download link is just right here.

Okay so you've known my weapon. You've downloaded it. Now you only have to trigger it, and download your precious The Sims 3. First, of course, you have to find a website that provides torrent link to download. Ask google for help. I usually download games from The Pirate Bay, cause it provides legit games to play. And for The Sims 3, i trust Games4theworld uploader cause every games i download from him/her always works. Okay so you found The Sims 3 torrent download. Now all you have to do, is to find "GET THIS TORRENT", right click and copy link address.

Got it so far? Good.

Next step, is too paste the torrent link into torrent program. Open your µTorrent, and click the "add torrent from URL" button on left top. The icon look like a chain with a little plus beside it.

Paste the URL, and click OK. Your The Sims 3 would will be downloaded. :D
However, the duration your The Sims 3 will be downloaded depends on your own internet connection speed. I have to wait for 1 or 2 hours for one to finish, i don't know about yours. If your connection sucks very bad, I will not recommend you to download, since it will take days; probably weeks to download, which is not good for your CPU since you can't turn it off :S But if you insist, up to you.

So let's skip to where you have finished downloading it. The data would probably in .zip mode, so you have to extract it into a folder. For some of the downloads, it will appear as .iso file, or CD Clone file. For this, you have to find another program to mount it. This is normal, as i see there are a lot of The Sims games that have to be mounted. You can use Alcohol 120%, DAEMON Tools, etc etc. I use Alcohol to unmount the game.

After you mount it, there will be The Sims 3 icon on your computer windows. Kinda look like you have put in a CD on your CPU. Click it, and you should see The Sims 3 files. Click the AutoRun, and you can install The Sims 3 from there on :D The serial number should be inside a Crack folder between those files, or from a program called Keygen; whatever it is, there will be inside those files. Just find it. Or if you can't find one, google one. There are tons of available serial numbers on the internet.

Installed. Now you have to crack it. Open your crack folder again, and you should see a The Sims 3 .exe, TS3 .exe or whatever lah, i don't really remember sorry D: just whatever weird files inside the crack folder, you select it all and copy it, then paste it into the directory where your The Sims 3 have installed. Mine is on C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Game\Bin. Paste it there, and you should see some warning windows asking if you want to replace the current file with the new one you pasted it. Click replace, and your Sims 3 should be available to play already.

Note : There is a thing on The Sims 3 where you have to patch it with the latest patch; i don't really get this patch thingy cause all this time i let my boyfriend do the patching job but if you wanna install expansion packs you have to update to the latest patch. You can find any information related on The Sims Wiki.

Good luck, and hope my messy tutorial helps you, at least a little. :"D

P.S : I am not sponsored by any of those links i gave you, i recommend it according to my own experience. And of course downloading any un-legitimate games is not good, it's better for you to purchase the originals. I just sharing my own experience since there are request. Please understand as i am not trying to break any rules here. :D
Wow, years after years passed by, and here's another christmas on the way. I personally adore christmas, cause it's full of warm and togetherness, mistletoes, presents, and sweet meals. Of course you wouldn't want your blog to look all flat and normal while everybody's blogs looks christmas-ey right?

I'm not asking you to redecorate the whole layout of your blog with christmas colour and all; it's too tiring. Simple little things can make a big difference, like my blog right now. Do you see the christmas snow falling from above? Not just that, try moving your cursor; the snow will follow your cursor wherever it goes. Cool right?

In this tutorial i will teach you how to add that effect. It takes no effort, at all. One simple copy-paste and voila. You just need the magic code right below on your template below the <head> code.:

click save, and there'll you have it.

Simple yet pretty, right? :D

Of course you have to change your blog background into something darker, i would say like night skies or dawn, so you can see the snow effect, slowly falling down from above.

Before this, i've posted some snow effect scripts too + bonus christmas cursor, you might wanna visit to spice up more of your blog!

Happy Christmas :3

Source : x
Sorry for not posting on my blog for a few days. As you can see on my previous post, i've been busy running my online shop selling contact lenses and all. But finally, i got time to create a sim, although it's supposed to be my time to make assignments. oTL

Yes, the name of this sims is taken from Megan Fox, the oh-so-sexy actress everybody knows. I mean, who doesn't.

At first, i was going to make a complete parody sims of her, making it all looking sexy, and pouty lips and all, but i just can't seem to modify the eyes into squint eyes, or should i say i'm too afraid to take risk modifying the CAS drastically. And it seems like my sims' face all look like this. Maybe it's just my style. Or maybe not. -___-

And as for the sexy clothes; i didn't make it either. I'm short of sexy slutty clothes, therefore i make her wear that tiger-spike shirt and pink jeans with killer spike wedges only. Looks a lil bit tomboy isn't it. But it sure is fashionable. :D

On her left side of arms i added some tattoos; i think girls with tattoos are cool and has a hint of sexy in it. It gives you the "i don't give a fuck" attitude yet flirty. And that's what i'm aiming for.

So here it is, Megan Fux (it sounds weird GOSH). Flirty, Bookworm, Daredevil, Disciplined, and i can't remember what is her last traits URGH. She likes grilled salmon, pop and likes the colour black. Her lifetime wish? Be a girlfriend of 10 different sims. Yes i just like to make relationships and woohoos on sims. Who doesn't? :D
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I made these two sims long ago before i made christen and sunshine. Thought they can use some attention, since they're such an effort for me to made, and as i said on my title, they're sluts.

The truth is i forgot what their real name is, all i know is their last name is Nimrod, which i got from the movie Mr.Popper's penguins. Mr.Popper name one of his penguins as nimrod, and by nimrod he means stupid, or idk, clumsy. So i thought why not. I want to make the worst out of them. My purpose making them in the first place is to seduce my main sims' husband anyway, so there's no harm making them ugly. But who knew it turned out quite gorgeous.

Actually they're much prettier than this, but before i screenshot all these i deleted some of my custom content; which i am very heartbreak to say, cause all my custom content are favorites; and sadly to say, after this i'm going to delete all the custom content because my sims been lagging quite dreadfully and it will be more dreadful if i add The Sims Seasons which i'm downloading right now into it *cries*. Soooo before all the customs dissapear i wanna make a memory out of it by introducing these two sluts i made.

Introducing her big Sister, Slut 1 (sorry i really forgot what her name is).
I forgot their traits either so i won't include them.

Enjoying and relaxing on her bed and in her pink flowery bedroom shared with her little sister.

As you can see, she has everything a bimbo has; blonde hair, sexy clothes, tatoo, dyed hair, heavy makeups...

I remember she's a party animal so when i turned on the radio for myself to hear she went downstairs and start dancing. What a slut.

After a while, her little sister came.

And introducing, Slut 2.

She started dancing beside her sister too.

I forgot if she has this party animal trait or not, but i made her less sluttier; and more gothic. She's into athlete career herself (she wants it in her wishes) and she's more calm and less attention whore-ing than her big sister.

I remember the first day i started playing them, her big sister ran to salon in front of their house and start making out with some random dude he just met. What's worse, that dude is with her girlfriend. So as you can guess, his girlfriend got mad and break up with him right away, and after creating havoc, Slut 1 ran away. While Slut 1 is creating havoc, Slut 2 is on the stadium watching some concert. Cool slut 2, cool.

Slut 1 looking at her little sister grooving her booty.

Since they're sluts, i got them both lovers on the first day;

Slut 1 has a boyfriend (that dude she's making out with at the salon) and a lesbian lover. I know, weird. She wants it herself. And she chose to have her first woohoo encounter with that random chick either. I mean you got a dude and you chose to have woohoo with a girl? Wow, you're a natural.

See? And that chick ain't even pretty i tell you.
Maybe she fell cause of how great makeouts they have. That chick has a great kisser trait.

And as for Slut 2, she has some hot boyfriend i made randomly ;)
I forgot to screenshot dammit.

Bonus :

I almost to put this picture on.

She's all like "wtf".


Christen Capeland
Bookworm - Hopeless romantic - Over emotional - Family oriented - Shy

Sunshine Conelly
Slob - Heavy sleeper - Couch potato - Excitable - Hot headed
You guys know i'm such a big fan of The Sims. And since i've been very loyal to playing around with Sims, and i have a blog, what the heck. Why not write a review instead. Right?

Everybody should probably know that The Sims 3 had supernatural like a month ago, and it's a little bit too late for me to review it but i am going to review it anyway with my own way and since i've been playing it for a while i might as well tell you my gaming experience.

You would probably looking forward to the supernatural sims from this expansion pack such as fairies, werewolves, draculas and zombies but i'd say if you're not that big fan of supernatural you will probably be dissapointed by this. Not that the sims' animation suck, but you can't get anything much from those supernaturals. The only good thing i find about this expansion pack is that you can make sims into supernaturals directly from Create a Sim and those sparkly fairy wings.

Yeah so first is fairies.

Besides the delightful sprinkly wings, fairies can only do some kind of a little spell towards people and turn into tiny to fit into fairy houses, and that's it. Yes of course they use flying instead of walking but that's not something oh-so-special about. You go around town with cars anyway so the flying won't be used that much too. For the first time you saw it yes you will get excited but after you play it for awhile there's like nothing so special about it anymore. It's boring.

Same as werewolves.

Werewolves is one of the most disliked.

Despite their horrible looking, werewolves does nothing too except eating while squating on the chair, walk around like dogs and howling at the moon. For once i thought werewolves would like bite around and becoming evil towards normal sims but instead they act like normal sims and worse, they have this "rub belly" and "compliment fur" interaction with other sims. What the heck. Werewolves are not supposed to be rubbed on the belly. It's not like they're a pets or something.

Next is the witch.

Except you dress them with pointy hats and heavy dark makeup, witch looks exactly like normal human only they go around town riding brooms and carrying wands. Of all i like witch the most because they can play with magic and play with brooms and if they have high enough magic spells they can awaken the dead, turn people into toads and tragic clowns. Yeah sounds cool but actually that's a quite hard thing to do. You see the sims 3 has this hidden skills and magic-spelling is one of them so yeah. Besides that, witch can learn alchemy spells that can give sims some sort of special effect, for example, elixirs that gives people the ability to turn everything into gold. Yeah. But every elixirs doesn't last forever (except elixirs for turning you into mummy and zombie) so it's not that fun. Well, at least for me.

The last is zombies. Zombies sucks. Zombie is the worst of the worst. From my gaming experience, zombie always appear randomly on your household yard, they destroy your plants, and they make the noisiest, most annoying rawring sound which i can't even get rid of cause the only interaction with zombies is, well, nothing. You can do exactly nothing to them. Except you turn them back into human with testingCheatsenabled true everytime they appear. And there are no advantages for being a zombie as well. The only thing you get is dirty hygiene and bad moods. Eek. Just the worst.

As for the career, you got fortune-telling which i don't really know what interactions you have to make if you take that career. You also will got a caravan for your town to 'fortune-telling' people which i can see it's only a way to take advantages and money from those dumb sims who are dumb enough to even fortune told.

The town is no good either. It only got a few bars and lounges for draculas and that's it.

And for the furniture, there are a lot of thingies too which i found completely useless. So is the clothes. Because the clothes are all meant for the supernatural and i had never been interested in making a supernatural after i look at the game, i never use it. And overall, this sims 3 supernatural are only making my game lags so so much.

So, for me sims 3 supernatural sucked. There are nothing special and amazing from this expansion pack, but if you find supernatural things cool and that's what you've always wanted for your simmies to have, then this expansion is the right one for you.
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Since i'm such a crazy fan for gaming, i'm going to blog about my current favourite activity which is ePSXe. You see, usually we'll play PlayStation directly from the machine we bought (we're talking about Play Station 1 here), but because my PS had broke (cause it's like zillion years ago since i bought it) i play PS1 through my computer. But how? Here i'm going to show you how to download an emulator for it, and how to play one.

First, you gonna need an emulator to run those PS games. Emulator is like the machine for PSX. You can't play if there is no machine for it. There are many kinds of emulator but i'm going to use ePSXe 1.7.0. It kinda looks like this when you run it.

This is the download link for the emulator : try this link or this link. (it's only around 3 to 5 MB)

It should come with a .zip file. Right click, and choose extract here. A epsxe 170 folder will appear. Go into the folder, and run the .exe file. The icon would probably the one with the controller.

How do you run a game with it then?

An emulator is just a machine for running ps games, so of course you must have a game file of your own to run. Usually the game format would be .bin .img .ccd or .iso. I don't think other kinds of format would work. There are tons of games available on the internet for you to download. It's all free.

Here i'm going to give you the links to some games i know for you to download:

- Harvest Moon Back to Nature (31MB)
- Crash Bandicoot 1 (520MB)
- Crash Bandicoot 3 (108MB)
- The Adventures of Lomax (my personal favourite) (546MB)
- Grand Theft Auto 2 (358MB)
- Tony Hawk's Pro Skater (408MB)
- Monkey Magic (203MB)
- Bishi Bashi Special (120MB)
- Tom and Jerry House Trap (77MB)
- WWF Smackdown (360MB)

To run the games above, extract it from the .zip file, then run the emulator, click Run and click Run ISO then select the game file. It should be working. Remeber, it should be .bin .img .ccd or .iso or else it won't work.

Enjoy the games :D

If you have any troubles simply comment on this post with details and steps you've done. And if you're considering downloading other games just simply google it, but if you can't find it, comment onthis post too and i'll find it for you.

Credits to Emuparadise for the game downloads.