I'm home yaaaaay. I'm back to Jakarta. Days in Pinang had been very boring and now my waiting has been paid off. I'm at Jakarta already and the real holidays had just started. I wish mom would move here with us so i don't have to miss her that much.

Sis brought the cutest kitten ever into our house. She named him king, taken from the word stocking cause he had this white fur all over his feet while his body is black. He's the cutest little bastard ever omg.

His meowing literally makes me go "aaawwww" so badly that i wanna cuddle his entire body ad squeeze him to death. Really. And now he's grooming himself in my lap :')

So fcking wonderful.


Last weekend i went to Central Park with Icang and he bought me 2 flats, 2 slippers, and 1 bag, not to mention a pant and a couple polo shirt. Then he took me to watch Ice Age 4 and take me to Sam&Jolly to have Yo-stick. He is so lasjdajdasjdladsadahdak oh my gosh. Best boyfriend ever. Thank you. Just thank you so much :"""""""")
1 DK22081 METODOLOGI DESAIN - 2 B 3.50 7.00  
2 DK22182 TIPOGRAFI II - 3 C 2.89 8.67  
3 DK23103 DES.KOM.VISUAL III - 4 A 4.00 16.00  
4 DK23111 TEKNIK PRODUKSI - 2 A 4.00 8.00  
5 DK23132 KOMPUTER GRAFIS II - 3 B 3.20 9.60  
6 DK23142 FOTOGRAFI II - 3 B 3.71 11.13  
7 DK23151 ILUSTRASI I - 3 B 3.87 11.61  
8 DK44221 KOMUNIKASI BISNIS - 2 B 3.16 6.32  
JUMLAH 22     78.33 IPs :3.56

I must say that i am very proud with this semester's results. I got two A's! and my IP is 3.56. It's like a miracle. Thanks God.

I am at Tanjungpinang already. New house is okay, but i prefer my old house. Maybe it's because that house has been accompanying me throughout my childhood till now, or maybe because it's bigger and comfier. I don't know.

Going home has been always an excitement for me, but everytime i got here, i have regrets. I always forgot the fact that i never enjoy being here, and people here. I miss Jakarta already, the melancholist city where no one is being judged. I am judged here for being too tan, too fat, and too outdated for wearing only jeans and T-shirt. People here don't get simplicity. They still think that dressing maximumly cool, and will only attract people wearing full makeup and accesories. I wanna change their point of view, but traditions is traditions. You can't just change it whenever you say so.

Even time won't help.

I decided that i will take Advertising as my design major, where people say there will be lots of theory and less art-making. I don't know, but i'm very positive already. I need to learn lots of concepts improvising, and less art-crafting, since all the lecturers i met all say that concept is the main thing for business. Throughout the year of being in college i realize just making art won't give you lots of kachings. Business is still does, and will always be. And that's where i'm heading.

That's all for now. I am getting stressed out already by how much and how big the pressure is here.