I've been abandoning this blog for a month now. Wow. New record. Not so proud about that.

February and the beginning of March has been a very happily ever after for me, except for the fact that i had gained a lot of weight. My current weight is 55kg, and i am supposed to be only 51kg. FML. I eat a lot. More about that later.

Now why do i say i am happily ever after?

Finally, after a year of being single and miserable for looking at every couple walk pass me holding hands, i got myself a boyfriend. YESH HAHAHAH. I am in a relationship. And it's been a month now. I am happy with this guy. Very happy, in fact.

Cute boyfriend is cute cause i got him a little tiny heart on his cheek.
Having a hard time finding a decent photo of himself though -__-

He is this guy i told you about, and yes lately i have been spending time with him. Come to think about it, all my friends were making fun of me and him saying that soon i will date him and all, and everytime they say that i will go like "WTF nooo laahhh he's just my buddy we will never be together" but who knows, right? I eat my own shit. Haiya what the heck lah the important thing is i am happy with him and i am getting along pretty well also with all his family members. GAWD i love Jejen and Mercy.

Oh and yes, like above said, i have gained my weight. Since i dated Icang, i've been eating a lot. I've been asked to eat at shabu2 places for like 3 to 4 times a month this february wtffff *screams* and that didn't include exercising okayy. Why is this happening to me. But yeah, the important thing is i am happy.

Shit lah man if this going on like "as long as i am happy" thing soon i will die larh.

As for college, things have been going serious. Most of my homeworks now are designing post cards and envelopes and designing name cards. I even have my own logo now. But it's fugly, so i won't show it. But i'm pretty sure soon i will have a pretty one leh. Cause i'm creative duh.

Hmm let me see whats more. Oh yes i got a new phone. That flip blackberry of mine has been sold. Bye-bye. Cause it lags a lot and it's old. So i bought myself a new Blackberry Curve 3G. Google it for yourself cause i'm sick of putting phone pictures that can easily be searched on Google.

I bought a Charles & Keith Heels, a Converse sneakers and 3 pieces of Bigjill clothes too. I spent a lot of money this month, yes. I know.

I think that's about all of it. I miss this blog but i no good at telling long stories about my life cause yeah, FML.

Lost my passion on blogging,though.

P.S : Current favourite song