Virtual Villagers 5 : New Believers (free torrent download)


Recently i've been into this bigfish game called Virtual Villagers 5 : New Believers created by Last Day of Work. It's a simulation game, and those who like Sims pretty much will like this game too. It's about taking care of your little people over time and see them improves. It's a real-time game, meaning that the game still continues although you quit it. I give this a 5 star, cause i love this games so much and the puzzles and mysteries inside this game intrigues me so much.

It starts by selecting 5 starting members for your tribe. Every single one of them have different skills for later usage, so i suggest you choose you 5 first members very wisely. Best if you choose 5 different members with 5 different skills, although there are 6 skills available. The skills are farming, building, researching, healing, parenting, and devotion.

It will look pretty much like the above.

Population : The amount of people that joined your tribe; there are 2 types of tribe in this village, the believers and non-believers. The believers are the one you can control, while the non-believers are the one who wears masks and you can't control it.

The non-believers with different colours of masks.

Food : Your food supplies for now. You have to keep calling your farmer to harvest or else you will ran out of food and your villagers will die.

Tech Points : Technology points is like money; only you earn it through researching and buying skills level. Over time you will have to upgrade those skills to level 3 for purposes.

Divine Energy : We are like God to them. And this energy controls how much energy we can use to cast powers. Energy grows over time with population. The more population you have, the more energy you can use.

God Power : God power is things we can do to the villagers. On the picture you can see butterflies, bees, and others. This means you can cast butterflies to the villagers' kids to play, or cast bees to the non-believers so that they won't disturb us.

Casting butterflies for the kids to play.

Name, Skill, Action : The Name, Skills, and Action bar are bar to show selected villagers' details.

My selected villagers are called Vahine and she's untrained because she's still a kid.

Here's a list of the puzzles and mysteries later you have to solve, i have solved it all :D

Skills levels, and God Power.

Virtual Villagers in map mode.

Remember to download this using torrent or else it will not work!
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P.S :

There are a villager who i favorited, because she's such a bitch lol.

Her name is Mata.

Why did i call her a bitch?

Because she gets pregnant as soon as she had stop nursing baby. I mean what the hell. And she keeps changing partners as well. You can see on her details she's hugging a baby.

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  1. I think this is a fun game, Thanks! :D I'll try to play this..
    About Mata, hahaha.. she love changing partners..ohh, ;p naughty girl.