Diary of a stray cat (part 1)

When i was on my way home, i noticed an old cat laying under a car. In an instant i felt like my heart was torn apart, seeing how rough his fur is and how his eyes explain all what he's been through all his life. And as a cat lover, i had to do this.

Diary of a stray cat
Today is my birthday. Finally after, i don't know.. 8 weeks, 9 weeks inside my mom's tummy? I was born. It is definitely colder here outside than my mom's tummy, but i'm so happy that finally i don't have to squeeze inside that cramped place with my other 3 siblings. I can't see a thing because my eyes hasn't opened up yet, but i can hear my other siblings meowing, crying, merging together into one loud sound with mine, because of the cold wind that rush through our little tiny bones. But i can only hear 3 meowing including mine.. I don't know what happen to the other one. I don't really want to find out. I'm so cold i can't even think about other things.

Mom keep licking us over and over till we're warm enough. I snuggle into mom's fur for warmth, and i drink mom's milk. It was delicious. I can't even think about living another day without my mom. Day by day passed and finally me and my siblings can see some stuffs. The house we're living is so pretty; it was made from a carton box which i can scratch my nails to. It's even bigger than my mom's tummy, and i can run very far from here where i stand to the land in front of me cause it's just so wide but i won't do that. I'm scared, and i want my mom. Also mom told me not to go to far for there is a lot of monsters out there, although mom herself always wander out there. But she said she had to, because she had to find some food so that she can feed us. And of course, i obeyed. But not for my older brother.

One night he told me that he was going to find some food for himself to eat on the outside. He said mom's milk wasn't enough for him, and we should find some food for ourselves, like mom did. He also said that the smell was incredible, that it's more delicious than mom's milk. I know it's true, but i still forbid him to go, for we're still all little kittens and we might not know what is out there. But he insist. He said if he found some he'll take it home and share it to all of us. He go without hearing my further forbids, and slip away while mom's sleeping. I follow him and keep telling him to change his mind, but he keeps walking, and even walk faster. I was concerned, and i stop where i think it's too far away already from my home. I watch him walk away, and the next thing that happened really traumatized me...

When he started to walk on the land where the colour is grey, some fast robot thing came towards him and give this loud honking sound, and crush him right away, in front of me. I was very shocked, and i cried as i watch my brother were crushed into pieces. His inner was everywhere the road. The robot screeched and stopped, and some big monster with two legged came out from that thing. I was so scared that i hid behind a trash can, and i can see that monster wrapped my brother with a clothing and bring him inside the robot, and drive away. I ran back to my house as fast as i could, tears flowing through my eyes. I couldn't believe my brother is gone, just like that. What the hell is that monster thinking? Why would he just kill off my brother like that? As soon as i got home i tell mom about everything. She was just shocked. She walked to the place where my brother was crashed, and just licked everything that is left over. I think mom was so sad, that she tried to lick my brother's left over hoping that he would came back. She cried and meow continuosly. Later that night she told me that robot thing is called a car, and she said the one that drives them are called humans. Cars are fast and they walk on the grey road, so we should avoid walking and wandering on that road. Also we have to keep away from humans as far as we could, because some are evil, and they might kill you anytime they want. I am starting to learn that i have born into a cruel, harsh world, where we have to protect ourselves or else, nobody else will.

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  1. Belated Happy Birthday girl! :)

  2. That's awesome! I would like to post this on my blog, by the way.
    With your permit, of course. I will give you the credits as you deserve, don't worry. I just thought i could pass this great story on.
    Love your blog <3
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  3. Ow, and I'm waiting for your permit

  4. asdjasdjada just read this :'(
    Of course you could put this on your blog if you credit it!
    With pleasure i would give you :D