The Sims 3 Supernatural Review

You guys know i'm such a big fan of The Sims. And since i've been very loyal to playing around with Sims, and i have a blog, what the heck. Why not write a review instead. Right?

Everybody should probably know that The Sims 3 had supernatural like a month ago, and it's a little bit too late for me to review it but i am going to review it anyway with my own way and since i've been playing it for a while i might as well tell you my gaming experience.

You would probably looking forward to the supernatural sims from this expansion pack such as fairies, werewolves, draculas and zombies but i'd say if you're not that big fan of supernatural you will probably be dissapointed by this. Not that the sims' animation suck, but you can't get anything much from those supernaturals. The only good thing i find about this expansion pack is that you can make sims into supernaturals directly from Create a Sim and those sparkly fairy wings.

Yeah so first is fairies.

Besides the delightful sprinkly wings, fairies can only do some kind of a little spell towards people and turn into tiny to fit into fairy houses, and that's it. Yes of course they use flying instead of walking but that's not something oh-so-special about. You go around town with cars anyway so the flying won't be used that much too. For the first time you saw it yes you will get excited but after you play it for awhile there's like nothing so special about it anymore. It's boring.

Same as werewolves.

Werewolves is one of the most disliked.

Despite their horrible looking, werewolves does nothing too except eating while squating on the chair, walk around like dogs and howling at the moon. For once i thought werewolves would like bite around and becoming evil towards normal sims but instead they act like normal sims and worse, they have this "rub belly" and "compliment fur" interaction with other sims. What the heck. Werewolves are not supposed to be rubbed on the belly. It's not like they're a pets or something.

Next is the witch.

Except you dress them with pointy hats and heavy dark makeup, witch looks exactly like normal human only they go around town riding brooms and carrying wands. Of all i like witch the most because they can play with magic and play with brooms and if they have high enough magic spells they can awaken the dead, turn people into toads and tragic clowns. Yeah sounds cool but actually that's a quite hard thing to do. You see the sims 3 has this hidden skills and magic-spelling is one of them so yeah. Besides that, witch can learn alchemy spells that can give sims some sort of special effect, for example, elixirs that gives people the ability to turn everything into gold. Yeah. But every elixirs doesn't last forever (except elixirs for turning you into mummy and zombie) so it's not that fun. Well, at least for me.

The last is zombies. Zombies sucks. Zombie is the worst of the worst. From my gaming experience, zombie always appear randomly on your household yard, they destroy your plants, and they make the noisiest, most annoying rawring sound which i can't even get rid of cause the only interaction with zombies is, well, nothing. You can do exactly nothing to them. Except you turn them back into human with testingCheatsenabled true everytime they appear. And there are no advantages for being a zombie as well. The only thing you get is dirty hygiene and bad moods. Eek. Just the worst.

As for the career, you got fortune-telling which i don't really know what interactions you have to make if you take that career. You also will got a caravan for your town to 'fortune-telling' people which i can see it's only a way to take advantages and money from those dumb sims who are dumb enough to even fortune told.

The town is no good either. It only got a few bars and lounges for draculas and that's it.

And for the furniture, there are a lot of thingies too which i found completely useless. So is the clothes. Because the clothes are all meant for the supernatural and i had never been interested in making a supernatural after i look at the game, i never use it. And overall, this sims 3 supernatural are only making my game lags so so much.

So, for me sims 3 supernatural sucked. There are nothing special and amazing from this expansion pack, but if you find supernatural things cool and that's what you've always wanted for your simmies to have, then this expansion is the right one for you.

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