Megan Fux

Sorry for not posting on my blog for a few days. As you can see on my previous post, i've been busy running my online shop selling contact lenses and all. But finally, i got time to create a sim, although it's supposed to be my time to make assignments. oTL

Yes, the name of this sims is taken from Megan Fox, the oh-so-sexy actress everybody knows. I mean, who doesn't.

At first, i was going to make a complete parody sims of her, making it all looking sexy, and pouty lips and all, but i just can't seem to modify the eyes into squint eyes, or should i say i'm too afraid to take risk modifying the CAS drastically. And it seems like my sims' face all look like this. Maybe it's just my style. Or maybe not. -___-

And as for the sexy clothes; i didn't make it either. I'm short of sexy slutty clothes, therefore i make her wear that tiger-spike shirt and pink jeans with killer spike wedges only. Looks a lil bit tomboy isn't it. But it sure is fashionable. :D

On her left side of arms i added some tattoos; i think girls with tattoos are cool and has a hint of sexy in it. It gives you the "i don't give a fuck" attitude yet flirty. And that's what i'm aiming for.

So here it is, Megan Fux (it sounds weird GOSH). Flirty, Bookworm, Daredevil, Disciplined, and i can't remember what is her last traits URGH. She likes grilled salmon, pop and likes the colour black. Her lifetime wish? Be a girlfriend of 10 different sims. Yes i just like to make relationships and woohoos on sims. Who doesn't? :D

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  1. HAHA megan fux

    she's pretty though

    ikr i personally really like tattoos they make people look badass (fat weirdos not counted)


    i know, i wish i had a tattoo but i'm too chicken for the needles :S

  3. omg me too but i'm underaged lol but i can't imagine YOU getting a tattoo. XD