How to add snow storm christmas effect

Wow, years after years passed by, and here's another christmas on the way. I personally adore christmas, cause it's full of warm and togetherness, mistletoes, presents, and sweet meals. Of course you wouldn't want your blog to look all flat and normal while everybody's blogs looks christmas-ey right?

I'm not asking you to redecorate the whole layout of your blog with christmas colour and all; it's too tiring. Simple little things can make a big difference, like my blog right now. Do you see the christmas snow falling from above? Not just that, try moving your cursor; the snow will follow your cursor wherever it goes. Cool right?

In this tutorial i will teach you how to add that effect. It takes no effort, at all. One simple copy-paste and voila. You just need the magic code right below on your template below the <head> code.:

click save, and there'll you have it.

Simple yet pretty, right? :D

Of course you have to change your blog background into something darker, i would say like night skies or dawn, so you can see the snow effect, slowly falling down from above.

Before this, i've posted some snow effect scripts too + bonus christmas cursor, you might wanna visit to spice up more of your blog!

Happy Christmas :3

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