How i download my The Sims 3 (free mystery weapon download + Sims 3 download)

This post is dedicated to the anonymous guest that requested me to write about how i download my sims 3. I don't know who you are, but i would like to thank you for giving me an inspiration and motivation to post at least something people would read. She (i assume it's a girl) also said that my emulator tutorial helped a lot, which made my day so much since when i was writing about it i thought that nobody would read that.

Thank you. Just, thank you. :"D

So anyway, back to The Sims 3.

Who doesn't know The Sims. The simulator game that lets you control people's life. This game drives me crazy, as it is the greatest game i've ever played. Name every sims game in this planet; The Sims 1, The Sims 2, The Sims 3, The Sims City, Sims for Nokia NGage, Sims Social on facebook, Sims on PS2; played it all. And right now, i'm into The Sims 3 so much, cause last 13 November EA games had released The Sims 3 Seasons Expansion pack. It gives you the ability to have four seasons on your The Sims 3, festivals, umbrella, tanning etc. IT'S AWESOME. I've promised to make a review about that, didn't i? I'm sorry i haven't got to review it yet, since my sims is such a nuisance; it lags the hell out of me. And i don't know what's the problem. I thought it's because the size, but it still doesn't make any difference despite how much expansion pack and custom content i have uninstalled. Boo :(

Back to Sims 3. For those of you who want to play it, of course, you can just purchase the original The Sims 3 on any game store for IDR 500.000 - 600.000 (Indonesia). But The Sims 3 is usually played by person around 13-20+ age, and for that amount of price it's just too expensive to purchase :( So unfortunately, you have to find download link for the game.

My collections of The Sims 3 and all of the expansion packs.

You can just google The Sims 3 free download, it will appear tons of download link for you. But for me, i have my own weapon for downloading gigantic-sized data, especially games like The Sims 3.

And what is that?

The name is µTorrent, and it is the easiest; fastest; most lightest download program i've ever known. The size of the program itself is only 800kb (wow!), smaller than a digital photo. It can also run in computer standby mode, which makes it easier as you don't have to turn on your monitor for as long as your download goes. And for those who likes to download big sized data on browser, quit it and change to µTorrent, as it is faster and more stable.

What makes me more in love with this program, is you can download it FOR FREE. YAY. And the download link is just right here.

Okay so you've known my weapon. You've downloaded it. Now you only have to trigger it, and download your precious The Sims 3. First, of course, you have to find a website that provides torrent link to download. Ask google for help. I usually download games from The Pirate Bay, cause it provides legit games to play. And for The Sims 3, i trust Games4theworld uploader cause every games i download from him/her always works. Okay so you found The Sims 3 torrent download. Now all you have to do, is to find "GET THIS TORRENT", right click and copy link address.

Got it so far? Good.

Next step, is too paste the torrent link into torrent program. Open your µTorrent, and click the "add torrent from URL" button on left top. The icon look like a chain with a little plus beside it.

Paste the URL, and click OK. Your The Sims 3 would will be downloaded. :D
However, the duration your The Sims 3 will be downloaded depends on your own internet connection speed. I have to wait for 1 or 2 hours for one to finish, i don't know about yours. If your connection sucks very bad, I will not recommend you to download, since it will take days; probably weeks to download, which is not good for your CPU since you can't turn it off :S But if you insist, up to you.

So let's skip to where you have finished downloading it. The data would probably in .zip mode, so you have to extract it into a folder. For some of the downloads, it will appear as .iso file, or CD Clone file. For this, you have to find another program to mount it. This is normal, as i see there are a lot of The Sims games that have to be mounted. You can use Alcohol 120%, DAEMON Tools, etc etc. I use Alcohol to unmount the game.

After you mount it, there will be The Sims 3 icon on your computer windows. Kinda look like you have put in a CD on your CPU. Click it, and you should see The Sims 3 files. Click the AutoRun, and you can install The Sims 3 from there on :D The serial number should be inside a Crack folder between those files, or from a program called Keygen; whatever it is, there will be inside those files. Just find it. Or if you can't find one, google one. There are tons of available serial numbers on the internet.

Installed. Now you have to crack it. Open your crack folder again, and you should see a The Sims 3 .exe, TS3 .exe or whatever lah, i don't really remember sorry D: just whatever weird files inside the crack folder, you select it all and copy it, then paste it into the directory where your The Sims 3 have installed. Mine is on C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Game\Bin. Paste it there, and you should see some warning windows asking if you want to replace the current file with the new one you pasted it. Click replace, and your Sims 3 should be available to play already.

Note : There is a thing on The Sims 3 where you have to patch it with the latest patch; i don't really get this patch thingy cause all this time i let my boyfriend do the patching job but if you wanna install expansion packs you have to update to the latest patch. You can find any information related on The Sims Wiki.

Good luck, and hope my messy tutorial helps you, at least a little. :"D

P.S : I am not sponsored by any of those links i gave you, i recommend it according to my own experience. And of course downloading any un-legitimate games is not good, it's better for you to purchase the originals. I just sharing my own experience since there are request. Please understand as i am not trying to break any rules here. :D

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