I'm home yaaaaay. I'm back to Jakarta. Days in Pinang had been very boring and now my waiting has been paid off. I'm at Jakarta already and the real holidays had just started. I wish mom would move here with us so i don't have to miss her that much.

Sis brought the cutest kitten ever into our house. She named him king, taken from the word stocking cause he had this white fur all over his feet while his body is black. He's the cutest little bastard ever omg.

His meowing literally makes me go "aaawwww" so badly that i wanna cuddle his entire body ad squeeze him to death. Really. And now he's grooming himself in my lap :')

So fcking wonderful.


Last weekend i went to Central Park with Icang and he bought me 2 flats, 2 slippers, and 1 bag, not to mention a pant and a couple polo shirt. Then he took me to watch Ice Age 4 and take me to Sam&Jolly to have Yo-stick. He is so lasjdajdasjdladsadahdak oh my gosh. Best boyfriend ever. Thank you. Just thank you so much :"""""""")

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  1. heyyyy blog walking :D

  2. aduhh.. itu kucing atau tikus???? hii..

  3. GOOD DAY HUN! :D just wanna inform you that i tagged you in my post entitled Liebster Blog Award.