Notice that my domain has gone?

Yes, it has been expired and i don't intend to expand it since i have completely lost my passion on daily blogging. I've been filling my whole agenda with assignments and i never have time to properly blog a post. Usually i would spend the night time blogging and exploring codes but now it's just for my boy. I've been hanging out with my boy ever after.

Life has been so much fun. I will never stop telling you guys how icang's been making my whole life brand new and how it makes me feel so happy. I love him and i will never stop saying how much i am completely head over heels with him. People may say i'm too mushy, or maybe stupid, cause all this lovey dovey things will eventually come to an end, whether it's caused by falling out of love because of old marriage, or even because of breaking up. But that's just me, i am the type of girl who will continuosly find my happiness through the passion of loving, and i will keep finding it until i'm too tired of it, which is never gonna happen. :)

Sure, of course there is gonna be arguing and lots of different opinions which leads to fighting, but hey, we are all individuals with our own opinions. There will never be two same person, which has same opinions on EVERYTHING, and fighting, whether you like it or not, will always happen. It's just an opportunity for me and him to learn how to handle things calmly and solve the ways out. After that, the bond is just getting stronger. All people are selfish. You just have to find the right person to give into for.

The reason now i can blog and voice myself out is that icang is going out of town for his work, and i don't have any friend, so i pour it all out on here. Believe it or not it kinda helps to relieve me, knowing i still have some place to say all my hearts out. I don't really care anymore though who is going to read all this, since my domain has been expired; which will automatically reduce half; or maybe all of my readers away, except for those who are a really die hard stalkers of me (notice that i changed my blog URL on twitter and see how much people notice it). Back to pouring my hearts out here, yeah. I think this is gonna be my diary, whether i'm going to fill it in with my stories or not.

I think that's all, i just wanna say how much i miss him already and i am already dying for not talking to him on person even just for a day. I guess no matter how much electronics or media connects you to the person that matters you, if it's not eye to eye, you will never get enough, or satisfied.

P.S : Tagboard is soooo out.

P.P.S : I am so happy that there has been a lot of people telling me of how much look alike me and icang are. You think?

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