internet's been giving me cold blankets. last night i wanted to blog but internet just won't work. maybe it's because i'm currently downloading movie also. but i don't know. usually it works.

yesterday i went to kalibaru to do sablon. maybe it's called ink printing in English, i dannah. there was no results on translate google when i try it. i went there with meli since icang is still in bandung, on his way home. i went there with busway, and so does on the way home.

What i wanna point out here is, i finally ride busway again, after centuries of avoiding that cursed public vehicle. at first when i went to kalibaru using it, it's still okay-ish, cause i got a seat and it's not so crowded, although the driver accelerates the bus like fucking crazy regardless how giganticly huge that vehicle is. what makes me so sure that i'm sick of it is that when i'm on my way home.

1. Queue
Never been 'happier' if i'm on a queue. Not that i can't handle queueing or what, but queueing with some etiqueless people just simply sickening me. Can't stand people cut your line and rush into busway when the vehicle comes. Please, like you're gonna be left out. You got cut in the line one time, i still forgive you. Second time, okay lah maybe i still have patience left. Third time, one more time and i'll kill you. One more time, i fucking kill..

2. Stupid peoples
Last time when i was on my way home there's an auntie bringing three kids inside busway; screaming "HEHHH" to her kids, then "HATI-HATI LAH LIAT JALAN.. GIMANA SIH, MALAH MELAMUN DI TEMPAT KEK GINI.." whichreplied by one of her son "APAAN SIH SIAPA SIH YANG MELAMUN?!" like there's no one in the busway which clearly there is and the busway is full. Okay lah maybe they live in a tough place which requires screaming and they don't get enough education to learn that public etique is important so i understand, although seriously it's kinda disturbing... Which until that auntie stole my one and only remaining standing place which makes me hardly can stand and she won't even give a fuck, plus her smelly odour for bonus. which complete me. which makes me can't no longer keep it cool.

buteventuallyichickenedoutandsuckallmyemotionanddecidedtostaysilentanywayi'msuchachicken BUT HOW KIND AM I FOR STILL KEEPING IT COOL.

and then came today.

i went to Ancol for model photoshoot and then went cycling around ancol with icang and my friends :3 it was super fun since it's been like zillion years ago since the last time i go cycling, then the rest of sunday i spent it with procrastinating and making my assignments bye.

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  1. Sounds terrible, I never knew the buses in Indonesia were bad. But don't worry ahahah it's the same here too I mean the train only stops for a few seconds every 15 minutes or so (apparently missing the train is like losing your life) so basically all people turn into a bunch of animals trying to get onto the train and not to mention the asian tourists who think they own the country or something shouting to their friends with some language I can't even understand

    /end of rant

    ooh a photoshoot! that's cool.

  2. lol yeah stupid people is stupid