drifted away


My chow is sleeping so asound. What a precious moment to see him sleeping like that. With his closed eyes, and his snoring sound ;) teehee. i just love everything.

Last weekend we bought a couple of silver ring for both of us. It's just a simple pair of rings, but it does made both of us elated. :D

Another bundle of joy is that, my mom already knew about my relationship with him, and she approved it! I am so so happy about that, despite all this time she had always forbids me to have a relationship. I talked to her about how chow looks, and she's totally cool with that. Oh mai god it's like a relationship boost for me i can't even describe how happy i am that time. Can't deny it. just too happy. It's like, finally, i can have a literally official kind of relationship wa.

Last Thursday Andika also offered me to join his band as a vocalist. I am absolutely interested in that, too bad chow didn't approve it :( he says it's too dangerous, cause you will eventually got sexually harrassed by some dumbfucks. At first i insisted and we had a fight, but later i give in cause actually all the things he said turned out true :( I had to perform at some billyard place full of mens and it is very uncomfortable for me :( oh well, guess imma save my voice to sing some other time and other place.

I am going back to my hometown at the beginning of July. Mom had moved to a new house, and i can't wait to see how it looks like. I miss sabbath too. And i miss bro too. Bro can play guitar now already goooodd he is growing up so fast, now his sound is like so bass D: in my mind he's like always and will be a little boy man.

Dad on the other hand,didn't get better and had to go to Pekanbaru to get medication. He's over there with his other childs. Left mom and bro alone at home. Mom is sad, but what should dad do? He's at that state already.

And last, i wanna say that i miss my blogmates so much. Everytime i check my blog i always check my affiliates' blog, it's just that they don't know. Seeing suvii's latest post about clarissa's birthday makes me feeling guilty about how i have been off-blogging for a really long time already :( and it makes me so sad that the bond between me and clarissa suvii is not as close as before anymore. And Lmyx, i am like, totally lost contact on all of them already. and i'm sad about that :((( twitter didn't help at all.

I guess that's the consequences of not blogging. But i must admit that i really don't have any time to blog anymore, and i realize that i don't know how to blog well. So it's a bummer that i didn't blog as much as before anymore. I don't have anything to tell, don't know how to tell, and is lazy to tell already.

Three more days to the end of my semester exam, and i'm free. FREE. Totally free. I am so stressed with all this assignments. My lecturers didn't give any mercy at all; at ALL. They all give hardcore assignments and they didn't tolerate any excuses, deadline is deadline, you gotta finish it, or you gonna repeat another semester. Scumbag lecturers.

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  1. aw. i envy you for having a wonderful boyfriend. I just wish he's no like any other guys out there.

  2. I'm glad you've found someone good Susan. It's good to have that, isn't it? 8D~
    Missed visiting your blog.
    Sincerely, Eddie

  3. Ngaw Susan, whenever you want to catch up or actually have time to catch up, I should say, we're right here ♥