Did i mention that i had painted my hair black again?
Well, it was kinda long long ago already, probably a month ago~
Reasons? Well i'm proud to be asian.
(Mostly just because new hair is starting to grow and the colour of my roots and my hair don't match so i look like crap)

Don't you like my mask anyway? :3 :3

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  1. Black hair looks good on you. And it definitely looks good on any Asian. Not to sound nasty, but I detest seeing blonde hair on Asians, it just seems out of place. But personally, I really like brown hair. Dunno why. I suppose brown hair projects sophisticated quality. Heheh.

    Why on earth are you wearing a mask???? :D

  2. I love your hair ! It's longer than I last saw it, which was probably ages ago LOL ! :) Ah and I love your cat mask, so cuteeeeee >__<

  3. @Julie : thanks! :DD

    @Kitty : LOL yeaaa i think i look better with black hair, but really that's just one individual's opinion :P
    LOL i'm getting ready to go some places after taking this picture with a motorcycle so i'm wearing a mask to prevent pollution getting into my lungs :D